Are You Truly A Social Drinker: The Wake Up Call You May Need

Are You Truly A Social Drinker: The Wake Up Call You May Need

Many people describe themselves as social drinkers or casual drinkers. They are usually people who only drink a glass of wine or two during social gatherings and occasional parties. An unwritten rule that defines the difference between an alcoholic and a social drinker is that the latter will only pick up a drink when at an event or a party. An alcoholic, on the other hand, doesn’t need an occasion. He or she is completely comfortable drinking alone and, in a way, that it hampers their relationship, work, and day to day activities. 


While drinking alone is a good starting point. That’s not an ironclad argument to deem someone an alcoholic or not. Many individuals drink a glass of wine on a daily basis, but they drink in limitation, may be half a glass with dinner, in a way that it does not interfere with their ability to function. This brings us to the topic of the post, what is alcoholism and how it’s different from social drinking. 


What is Alcoholism?


To understand the true meaning of alcoholism, you need to identify alcohol abuse. Alcohol abuse is consuming a harmful level of alcohol that causes hangovers, behavioral issues, and physical discomfort. When alcohol abuse becomes frequent and an individual starts becoming dependent on alcohol abuse, then it becomes alcoholism. 

Dependency is one of the signs someone is an alcoholic. Alcoholics progressively need more quantity of alcohol to achieve the same degree of satisfaction. 


Who Are Social Drinkers?


Social drinkers drink neither too much nor too frequently. Their drinking pattern does not qualify as alcohol abuse, let alone alcoholism. They usually pick up a drink when they go to a party or when out with friends. They usually know their limit for different types of alcoholic beverages and they stick to it. Their drinking doesn’t come in the way of responsibilities at home or at work. Another telltale sign of a social drinker is that the drink is a byproduct of the social gathering and it does not hold more importance than the gathering itself. 


5 Signs of Alcoholics or Someone