Saving Loved Ones: 6 Ways To Help Your Loved Ones Defeat Alcohol Addiction

In almost every party or occasion, alcohol is always present. Whether it’s tequila, beer, or a shot of margarita, you can always find these drinks. Drinking moderately will always be the advice, but have you ever thought about what would alcohol do to someone, perhaps a friend or a loved one, when drinking becomes an addiction?

It could be sad when someone you know used to be very happy, fun, and enthusiastic became an alcoholic or has an alcohol use disorder. Most of us would love to help, but we do not know what to do. Having that said, here are the ways to help your loved one overcome alcohol addiction.


Learn About Alcohol Use Disorder

You cannot give what you do not have. Thus, you can’t make comments about something you don’t know. Alcohol use disorder occurs when a person uses alcohol every time to cope with problems. Sometimes, people with this disorder don’t even need a reason to drink alcohol, they just do it and become dependent on it.

You do not need a deep understanding of alcohol use disorder; you only need to have a basic knowledge about it. It’s also a good idea to browse the internet or ask for advice from doctors and specialists on how to help loved ones with alcoholism. You can also personally visit rehab programs and ask guidance from the specialists there.



After knowing about alcohol use disorder, you must practice your approach. People with alcoholism will have a different kind of thinking than they used to. They often have a behavior change and have mood swings. This is because alcoholism already harms the brain’s alley.

Alcoholism would also force someone to do bad things that they didn’t intend to do.

It’s a good idea to think of an approach that would cheer them up, like, “I care for you, and I don’t want you to put everything you’ve worked hard go in vain. Alcohol is destroying your life and your health.”

After cheering them, whatever their response may be, always extend your patience. Ensure that you won’t give up and that you’d always help them in every way possible.


Choose the Correct Time and Place

You can’t just talk to your loved ones right away if you want to help them. You need to set a time and place if you want to make this right. Here are the things to remember when setting a time and place:

  • The time should always be the time that they’re sober
  • The place must be quiet and free from interruptions
  • The place has no alcohol
  • The place should be secure and safe


Have Open Ears and Be Compassionate

When your loved one opens up as to why they’re using alcohol to cope with problems, tell them that you’re all ears and be compassionate. They open up because they trust you and that they’ll know you’ll understand. This is the most crucial time when talking to your loved ones.

After they open up, acknowledge what they’ve told you. It’s a good idea that they know you’re not judgmental about them. It would help them open up more and loosens the burden that they are carrying. This is also the time to give them solutions to their drinking problems and the problems as to why they became alcoholics.



Intervention is the process of improving the current situation into a better and liveable one. In this situation, you need to make sure that you say the right things. It is essential when doing an intervention; you won’t make your loved ones feel that they’re being trapped or ambushed. Ensure them that you’re only doing an intervention because you are concerned.

For an intervention to be successful, it’s a good idea to gather influential people for your loved one. Inform those people that they’re here to support. It will establish an idea of trust and concern. The intervention will only become successful if your loved one realizes and sees the future where he/she is happy and healthy.


Give Your Full Support

It is not enough to care for and love your friend or relative who has an alcohol use disorder. It would be best if you give your full support. What they’re going through is not easy. It’s so painful to watch your loved one wasting every moment of their life because of alcoholism. With that being said, here are the ways to support them overcome alcoholism.

  • It’s a good idea to sign them up in an alcohol rehabilitation program
  • Be with them when they have to see a doctor
  • Be with them when they have counseling sessions
  • Sit beside them when they’re talking to a specialist over the phone
  • Create a checklist or a detailed plan on how to overcome alcoholism
  • Keep them busy and active in recreational activities



Recovery takes time and requires patience. It is not a one day process. Recovery is only feasible if the person in need of help is willing and committed. Above are the ways to help your loved one overcome alcoholism. With your love, patience, care, and support, nothing is impossible.



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