This Bizarre Reason is Making People Fall for Drugs…& it’s Not What You Think

This Bizarre Reason is Making People Fall for Drugs…& it’s Not What You Think

When it comes to people falling prey to drug addiction, a lot of things are blamed upon. Our education system, society, the political environment, social media and what not—it’s all considered to be a direct catalyst to drug addiction. Although these reasons are fairly obvious for a person to fall under the wrong influence of drugs, one should understand that there are a lot of unknown reasons that we frequently forget about.

There are plenty of prevalent reasons due to which even the toughest and most unshakable of souls succumb to drug addiction. Some are more predictable than the others, while in some cases you can hear a person’s story and go “this one’s going downhill if we don’t act fast”. But the problem of drug abuse isn’t just for the most general of reasons—there are some very specific reasons which are driving a certain age group into this deadly cyclone of destruction.

We’re not talking something that’s already being talked about—being bullied or suffering post-breakup depression which might’ve struck you when you thought of specifics. But this is about an act of benevolence and goodness that sometimes brings catastrophe for the one who’s on the providing end of good deeds.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are talking about the age-old circle of life—one where people take care of their beloved—and fall prey to substance abuse. One of the reasons why nearly every middle aged person in America and beyond is falling into the wrong influence of drug addiction is—you couldn’t get this one right—caring for family members.

The Curious Case of Care-giving & Despair

There are plenty of relationships that we come across in our lives where one person takes care of the other for no other reason but the emotional attachment between the two. A caregiver can be a mother taking care of her babies, children caring for their beloved elderly parents and guardians and so on.

A family member who takes care of children, elderly or the disabled has lots of responsibilities. If anyone in your family has fallen sick, you might be able to comprehend the feeling of taking care of not just yourself, but that other person too.

This  new epidemic is spreading across all countries as more of the population of the world as a whole ages. Care giving takes a toll on caregivers. Problems can arises when the caregive