Hair Transplant Megasessions – Discussing The Downsides

Thousands of people get hair transplants each year. However, a large number of individuals who undergo hair transplants experience frustrations when their transplant hair falls out. In the recording, one of the interviewees was using Finasteride to treat his hair loss. The interviewee was frustrated that his hair was not growing to the extent he wanted it to. However, the interviewers encouraged him to stay on the product and not change products regularly since he was relatively comfortable with his current head of hair. The interviewers also explained that changing products can have negative effects on individuals and cause confusion, so they encouraged him to be content with his current status. The interview also discusses the success of the product Propecia. Not only did the interviewer have success with it, but an interviewee also discussed his success with the product. The interviewers, overall, encourage listeners to try to be content with their current hair, celebrate the little successes, and understand that there is always a chance for hair to fall out whenever you add products/devices to your head. Although transplanted hair is supposed to stop hair loss, the interviewers remind listeners that there is no guarantee that transplanted hair will do all it says it will do. They encourage listeners to take before and after pictures of their transplanted hair in order to monitor their status.

Key Points:

  • 18/10 times the mature hairline will eventually progress into male pattern hair loss
  • 2Propecia is used for the treatment of male pattern hair loss on the vertex and the anterior mid-scalp area.
  • 3Minoxidil has many side effects including burning or irritation, as well as unwanted hair growth elsewhere on the body.

That mature headline, will sadly, eventually regress into no hair and hair loss.

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