What is Hereditary Hair Loss?

What is Hereditary Hair Loss?

This is an article from the Miami Hair Transplant Institute describing what hereditary hair loss is and possible solutions for the issue. Hereditary hair loss is when a person loses hair due to their genetics, and can start in a person’s 20s-30s. Unlike temporary stress-induced hair loss, hereditary hair loss is permanent. There are temporary medicines that can restore hair, but permanent techniques developed by Dr. Rose from the institute can be a much more attractive solution. These techniques include Mosaic Hair Restoration, Follicular Isolation Technique, and Follicular Unit Grafting. These are all surgeries designed to minimize recovery time and create a much more natural and attractive look, unlike techniques in the past that would be less effective and would take longer to heal. The article ends inviting potential clients to contact the institute and set up a consultation.

Key Points:

  • 1This process, qualified surgeons design the recipient site to mimic the unique follicular unit arrangement pattern natural to the scalp.
  • 2Using a tiny punch device, each donor hair is isolated and extracted. FIT eliminates an obvious linear scar and allows for faster healing methods compared to alternative methods of extraction.
  • 3Follicular Unit Grafting (FUG) is commonly referred to as “single strip harvesting” because the donor tissue is removed in one piece to preserve the follicular units and prevent damage to the individual hair follicles.

The only permanent solution for hereditary hair loss is surgery.

Read the full article at: https://www.miamihair.com/blog/hair-loss/hereditary-hair-loss/