The History of Hair Transplant Surgery

The History of Hair Transplant Surgery

Often times the simple inadequacies of the human race lead to breakthroughs in many professional fields. The medical industry is no stranger to this and in the 1930’s a Japanese surgeon discovered that if he were to transplant a patients’ skin with the hair follicles still attached to another part of the body the hair would still grow. And thus, the first hair transplant was born. In the early years the procedure often rendered unnatural looking or undesired results which lead to a bit of a negative perception of the procedure that still exists today. However, over the decades the procedure changed, and advanced, becoming what it is today with nearly impossible to detect results for the patients who choose to undergo the procedure.

Key Points:

  • 1history of hair loss tech
  • 2the progress it has made recently
  • 3the progress it will make in the future

It took almost three decades for hair transplant surgeons to develop significant improvements to these early methods.

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