10 Secrets You Really Shouldn’t Keep From Your OB/GYN When Pregnant

Many people avoid the doctor due to embarrassing health problems that they are ashamed of. But when you are pregnant you don’t have an option, a doctor is a must, there is just no getting around it. On your initial visit to your OB/GYN your previous medical history gets a detailed scan along with your family […]

5 Simple Ways To Demolish Your Debt In 2017

A huge problem for many people today is financial debt. Unfortunately too many individuals have trouble reducing the debt. Although debt destruction is a common goal for many people, most fail to complete it. Options are now available to make debt reduction easier. Selling your junk reduces clutter and allows money to be made from […]

Expert Financial Planning Tips For 2017

Forbes Magazine has a new article to help you with financial planning for the coming year. With the future uncertain, tips for the new year are a helpful way to make sure you are financially ready. The tips include the old stand-byes such as checking insurance policies for proper coverage, estate planning to help your […]

The Grass Is Not Always Greener On The Other Side: 7 Things To Consider Before You Move To A New Job

Many people begin to think about making changes as the New Year approaches. The best months to look for a new job are said to be January and February. Read on to find out what things to consider when contemplating a job change. Thoughtful review of the benefits, opportunities for growth, and relationships are important […]

Can We Finally Stop Asking Women About When They’re Going to Have Kids?

It can be guaranteed, that almost every married woman has been asked the question, ” When are you going to have kids”. It can also be almost guaranteed, that the times have changed and having children is not on the top of the list for some married woman. It can also be a touchy subject […]

11 Financial Moves One Woman Made And Retired At 52

Believe it or not retirement is not a joke, or some fairy tale. It is real, but it has become a thing of the past. Currently our economy has tightened its grip and we are working longer and harder for that light at the end of the tunnel. Long gone are the days where retirement […]

To the Mom Whose Due Date Will Never Come

All over the world babies are being born, women are becoming mothers and the new addition to families is a blessing. It is an amazing journey to go through, being pregnant can not be explained it just has to be experienced. But for some mothers, their child does not make it to their arms, and […]

Men’s Hair Loss Facts and Myths

There are somethings you can do that could help prevent baldness. There are shampoos and hair treatments that have shown to help. Stress is a contributor to hair loss. Do things to lower your stress level: exercise, eat healthy foods, do something creative, try Rogaine, massage your head with oils, and see a doctor. There […]

18 Things Only Other Pregnant Women Will Tell You

This article, “18 Things Only Other Pregnant Women Will Tell You”, is chock full of answers to questions for first time Mothers. Every new Mom wonders all the how, when and, why questions. You’ll receive the answers on body changes, emotional , change, the baby and more (even sex)!. You’ll find the answers are sometimes […]

Investing Options When the Investment is Your Own Startup

When it comes to investments options, there is a wide and vast array of many different options for you to choose from when the investment is your own startup. In particular starting a small business requires you to have an investment of time, energy, and capital. Recently according to the SBA, sixty percent of all […]