Who’ll Pay For Americans To Live To 100?

Americans are living longer lives but are also outliving the savings designed to support them. If there are no changes in the policies of employers and the federal government to address this, there could be negative economic consequences for this country. Encouraging later retirements and supporting part-time opportunities for retired workers are possible steps toward […]

Does Financial Wellness At Work Really Work?

Authentic financial wellness is key component of an individual’s overall well-being. Financial wellness is associated with increased happiness and satisfaction, and better retirement planning. And, crucially for employers, an employee’s financial wellness is tied to employee productivity, better employee health, and reduced absentee rates. That’s why forward-thinking employers are implementing financial wellness programs for their […]

How Aging Affects Financial Decision-Making

When one considers all that our family have sacrificed for us and how they have been selfless in many ways, a feeling of love and appreciation wells us. Financial decisions are a constant nagging reminder that money and a knowledge of money is a necessity in todays society, and for many of our aging family […]

Average Age of First-Time Moms in U.S. Still Rising: CDC

The average age women have been having their first child has steadily increased. More so in recent years. Where teen pregnancies tend to be more unplanned in nature, there are several reasons why later in life planned pregnancies are occurring. Some of the reasons why are related to waiting longer to get married, something that’s […]

‘How To Make Your Money Last’ by Jane Bryant Quinn Is A Godsend

Jane Bryant Quinn has an extremely impressive resume when it comes to personal finance. Having appeared in multiple popular publications and several television shows, she’s gained a reputation as a financial guru. So when Jane has something to say about retirement, people listen. In one of her latest publications, ‘How to Make Your Money Last […]

Four Ways To Get The Best “Net” Cost of College

Figuring out the best deal for college is not as easy as you may think. There aren’t many tools for one to use when comparing prices of colleges. However, there are a few tools. One of which is called, This site uses the data is has collected from various schools to see the amount […]

Financial Groundhog Day: Stop Repeating Bad Money Habits

Forbes’ Jan 31, 2016 article Financial Groundhog Day: Stop Repeating Bad Money Habits identifies three bad financial habits that are often repeated and suggests ways to avoid them in the future. The first habit it identifies is racking up credit card debt on impulse buys or daily purchases. The example given is of a daily […]

Maternal Obesity and Diabetes Linked with Increased Infant Autism Risk

New research from the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health may have found a correlation between maternal obesity and diabetes, and an increased risk of autism in infants. Mothers who are obese and have diabetes are more than four times as likely to give birth to a baby on the autism spectrum as a mother […]

Setting Your Money ‘Normal’

When it comes to money, ‘normal’ is defined in whatever way is ‘normal’ for the individual. One person felt that it was normal to save up and work hard for every penny. He felt that money should be used for important things and saved for the fun things. As a result his family was able […]