Are You a Candidate for Telemedicine?

Are You a Candidate for Telemedicine?

There’s a new way to see a licensed physician without long waits in a crowded waiting room and without having to schedule an appointment days ahead of time – telemedicine. Actually, telemedicine has been around for over 40 years. It began as a way for hospitals to provide care to patients in rural areas and regions where physician access is limited. Since then, it’s grown beyond its humble beginnings to become a convenient way to tap into the expertise of a licensed health care professional.

With telemedicine, you tap into the power of technology to get a medical problem assessed. When you schedule a telemedicine consult, you interact with a physician by phone or by video rather than in person. Research shows many minor medical problems can be taken care of through telemedicine and don’t require a face-to-face visit.

Convenient Medical Care: Are You a Good Candidate?

You might wonder who the ideal candidate is for telemedicine. Do you live in a rural area where visiting a doctor involves major travel time and inconvenience? Originally, that’s what telemedicine was developed for, to help people like you get the care you need. Not everyone has access to a physician and the problem is getting worse due to the shortage of primary care doctors. With telemedicine, the doctor comes to you, by phone or by video.

Do you work a demanding job and have little time to see a doctor? Scheduling an appointment, traveling to a physician’s office, waiting in the waiting room, and seeing the doctor adds up to a big time investment. With telemedicine, there’s no waiting. A licensed physician calls you back right away to address your health concern. The commute time is non-existent, so you can do other things while waiting for your virtual appointment to begin.

Do you travel with your job? Telemedicine is a way for you to connect with a physician when you’re out-of-town and aren’t sure where to get medical care in the area you’re in. A telemedicine consult means you don’t have to scramble around and try to find someone to see you when you’re in a strange place and don’t feel well. Telemedicine serves as an anchor, providing you with medic