How Healthcare Has Changed Rapidly Across The Years

How Healthcare Has Changed Rapidly Across The Years

Many changes and developments have positively been happening over the years. In the last decade alone, how the world was when it opened was vastly different from when it finally came to a close. Of course, changes continue to occur here and there, mostly for the improvement and betterment of all industries, including the healthcare sector.

How has the quality of healthcare changed across the years?  What are the changes it has gone through?  This article gives you a rundown.


  1. Availability Of Electronic Health Records


Hospitals are operating much more efficiently today than they have ever been. In recent years, electronic health records have been introduced. This means that hospitals no longer need to keep physical files of records for every department, for instance, at the doctor’s clinic, pharmacy, hospital wards in case of admission, laboratories, and other areas of the hospital.

Through electronic health records, everything about the patient is synchronized in one file. When the hospital accepts a patient, the information is simply typed into the computer system. This makes tracking of the patient’s medical history also more efficient.

Electronic health records make hospital operations, healthcare, and even the future of homecare more efficient. Mistakes due to human error are also minimized.


  1. New Healthcare Electronic Technologies


Another one of the most apparent changes in the healthcare industry has to do with the availability of healthcare electronic technologies. Because of advancements in technology, the healthcare industry is also significantly improving as to machinery and equipment used.

Examples of changes in equipment are the following:

  • Presence of PET scans that are now clearer than ever
  • Ultrasound devices have now improved, such that 4D images and videos of the baby in the womb are now possible
  • 3D printing of test results
  • GPS tracking and other wearable biometric devices
  • Better home wellness and exercise machines

These new technologies, among many, help improve the quality of test results. In essence, healthcare has improved so much that it’s also now easier to diagnose certain diseases that once were difficult to detect. Treatment plans can be better, thereby also improving the chances of survival of patients suffer