How Is Healthcare IT Changing The Industry

How Is Healthcare IT Changing The Industry

The main purpose of healthcare IT is for patients to have better health care and also to have health equity. This technology has revolutionized the healthcare industry. It has enabled medical practitioners to have access to patients’ medical data or information immediately. By combining the advancement in computers and science, the healthcare industry has become more efficient and effective. But what is healthcare IT exactly and why is it crucial in the advancement of this industry?

Understanding Healthcare IT

Healthcare IT is a term that has been used to describe the technology that the healthcare industry uses to record, analyze, and, most importantly, share health information and data of patients. This means that when you go to one doctor, everything will be recorded on a secure computer system. This includes test results, diagnosis, and prescription that was given. It could also include recommendations for further tests. Basically, almost everything that you and your doctor have discussed will be recorded there.

This also means that when you go to another doctor, they will be able to pull up your records and see your medical history. The patient could also have access to their records in order to learn and understand their condition better.


How Healthcare IT Is Changing The Industry

There have been notable benefits after the shift to healthcare information technology services such as Healthcare IT Support – Medicus IT. Below are the major advantages:

  1. Accessibility to accurate information. Patients sometimes make mistakes when they relay information from one health care provider to another. This mistake could lead to wrong diagnoses and prescriptions. However, with the help of healthcare IT, your other healthcare providers will be able to see your up-to-date medical data on the computer and can make accurate prognosis. This is especially helpful in times of crisis wherein the patient can’t explain their existing medical condition.
  2. Effective and better quality healthcare. If a patient is seeing different doctors such as a cardiologist, pulmonologist, and an endocrinologist, they would naturally be prescribing different drugs. However, one drug could be harmful to a patient if it interacts with another drug. So, what happens normally when there’s no healthcare IT is that a patient needs to go to all three doctors separately for the approval of each drug. Every time a prescription changes, the patient has to do this all over again.Now that there is healthcare IT, this going back and forth between doctors is no longer necessary. All three doctors can see what the others have prescribed and be able to give you a drug that could interact well with the other drugs. It is more efficient, and quality healthcare is being pro