How To Book An Online Consultation With Your Doctor

When it comes to getting seen by a physician, it’s easy to feel that your work is cut out for you. Long waiting times, inefficient booking systems, and long journeys can make it extremely different to be seen.

Thankfully, the rise of telehealth development has resulted in a number of apps and online platforms that make booking, holding an appointment, and securing aftercare quick and straightforward.

But making a booking in the first place can be an intimidating process.

Thankfully, there are a number of health and wellness apps that are not only reliable but highly efficient to use.

So, what exactly does an online consultation involve and how can you go about booking one today?


What is an online consultation?

Quick and simple, booking an online consultation involves making a reservation with your healthcare provider and choosing your preferred doctor.  

Thanks to the rise of apps, smart phone technology, and online networking tools, more physicians are able to provide remote care for individuals without compromising on quality. This can range from long-standing physical ailments, routine check-ups, emergency care, and much more.

Once confirmed, you and your doctor carry out a remote session using video conferencing to help diagnose your issue and provide care. Once complete, you can then escalate your support as needed, pick up your script, or pursue a second opinion if required.


Where do they come from?

Born from necessity, a number of online platforms were commissioned by doctors themselves in order to provide care for a greater volume of patients and those that may otherwise struggle to visit them in person. This helps teams of physicians provide round-the-clock and emergency care for patients and ensure the most vulnerable members of society are taken care of.

This involves doctors working closely with software developers to provide a specification for the platform. While few professionals would have the practical skills that allow them to know how to make a telehealth app or site, their extensive experience can be captured by a professional team to provide a product that is fit for purpose. This means that any healthcare app will meet the highest possible standards and be safe and easy to use.


How do I do it?

Thankfully, booking an online consultation with a doctor should be quick and simple. If you’re struggling to use the system, you can follow the following steps:

  1. Review your setup: First, take the time to confirm that your device has the hardware to hold a remote session. This should include access to a camera and microphone to allow your doctor to review your condition and communicate guidance. If you have specific needs, relaying these to your doctor can help ensure that they are fully taken into consideration.
  2. Access the System: This can be in the form of an online platform on your device or a dedicated app. This will require you to register with the system using a valid email address and create a reliable password.
  3. Make your Booking: Once you are able to access the system, you can make a booking using the platform’s calendar. This will show the available dates and allow you to reserve a date and time that works best for you. Once the booking is complete you will be notified on the system and allow you to add the details to your own calendar or diary.
  4. Hold the Session: On the date of your session, you will be able to log into the system and use your video and audio elements to talk through your issues and receive advice with your doctor. This will be held in full confidence and allow you to acquire a diagnosis or guidance about how best to proceed when dealing with your issue.
  5. Secure follow-on care: Once your session is complete, your doctor will make a diagnosis and recommend a course of treatment or additional support. If this is not provided during your initial review, the recommendations can be validated or delivered through the app’s messaging functionality or another voice or video call.

However, it is important to remember that the design and functionality of each app is unique. If you are struggling to get your head around your booking, don’t forget to contact your physician’s team directly and seek support. This will allow you to access instruction and allow you to report technical errors and get them addressed asap.  


What are the advantages?

Choosing to book online was incredibly helpful to certain segments of the community even before the current pandemic. Some of the advantages of remote care include, but are not limited to-

Time Saving: Using an app can allow you to quickly access first-hand care when it suits best. This can help get you in front a physician in a timely manner and allow you to receive care without disrupting your daily schedule.

Remote Access: Using an app or booking platform allows potentially ‘at risk’ patients to avoid difficult trips or face the risk of infection. This becomes especially important when dealing with Covid 19 where online consultation can help reduce the risk of infection for those that are currently undergoing treatment or are mid-recovery.

Script and Prescriptions: Once you have met with your doctor, they can use the system to provide you with a script or send medication or repeat prescriptions to your home. This can dramatically help in cutting back in the time necessary to receive your care and help tackle your issues with speed and confidence.  



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