How Technology Shapes Dentistry’s Future

People have been avoiding going to the dentist because of several reasons. Some people have had painful and unpleasant experiences while other people don’t like having strangers prodding and probing in their mouths. Some will also be worried about what their local Peabody dentist will say after taking a look at their mouths, while others […]

Your Phone Is Your Doctor: 5 Online Therapy Services To Try

Improvement in technology has been beneficial to those suffering from mental health conditions. People no longer need to go for face-to-face therapy sessions, which are expensive and inconvenient. Instead, there are numerous online therapy service providers. A good example is a renowned company called Culmerry, which offers its services online.

Top Benefits Of Technology In Healthcare

Technology has revolutionized different sectors of the economy, including healthcare. Improvements in diagnostics, treatment options, and service delivery within health facilities have been influenced by cutting-edge technology. Tech companies that focus on health care systems such as Stilla Technologies go the extra mile to avail solutions that help save lives. Technological advancements keep evolving, and […]

How To Book An Online Consultation With Your Doctor

When it comes to getting seen by a physician, it’s easy to feel that your work is cut out for you. Long waiting times, inefficient booking systems, and long journeys can make it extremely different to be seen. Thankfully, the rise of telehealth development has resulted in a number of apps and online platforms that […]

Living With The New Normal

Over the last six months, the world has become a new place to live in. After the initial lockdown, businesses remained closed, restaurants only opened to 50% capacity, wearing a mask became a requirement for survival, and CDC recommendations prohibited groups of 10 or more people from assembling. As summer bloomed, remaining positive has become […]

EMR vs EHR: What Difference Does One Word Make?

To clinicians, nothing is more important than capturing each patient’s narrative. This means recording all actions and observations related to each patient’s care and recovery. It also includes a well-documented medical history to help clinicians determine the best course of action for each patient’s condition.

The Rise Of Teletherapy & Online Speech Therapy

With the social distancing restrictions imposed by the pandemic, therapy-seeking patients have started to appreciate at-home treatment benefits. From financial perks to enjoying the comfort of your own home, teletherapy is slowly starting to outweigh the conventional in-person therapy methods. Can remote therapy really be the solution to all the distance-imposed problems and, more importantly, […]

How Healthcare Has Changed Rapidly Across The Years

Many changes and developments have positively been happening over the years. In the last decade alone, how the world was when it opened was vastly different from when it finally came to a close. Of course, changes continue to occur here and there, mostly for the improvement and betterment of all industries, including the healthcare […]

How Is Healthcare IT Changing The Industry

The main purpose of healthcare IT is for patients to have better health care and also to have health equity. This technology has revolutionized the healthcare industry. It has enabled medical practitioners to have access to patients’ medical data or information immediately. By combining the advancement in computers and science, the healthcare industry has become […]

Empowering Patients to Take Control of Their Health Care

The ever increasing number of technological avenues patients have to access and work with their medical health records allows an ease of access to information that patients did not previously have. Now, more than ever, we can establish what is essentially a direct line to our doctors and health records. How? For use at home, […]