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How Data Analytics Are Uncovering Hidden Trends in Medical Records

Is Electronic Health Records the best way to go for the medical field today? Compiling all that medical information about a person into an easy for hackers to access location seems like a bad idea but wait the change in the medical worlds abilities to help the patient out ways that fear. With each hack […]

A Temporary Tattoo That Brings Hospital Care To The Home | Todd Coleman

Todd Coleman, an electronics inventor, is striving to make medical care less invasive and available no matter where the patient is through wearable technology. He hopes to allow people who would normally have to stay in a hospital bed on monitors, a chance to go home while still being monitored, creating less stress and cutting […]

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Connected Devices Help More Find a Healthier Norm

In today’s advanced technological period, we are connected everywhere. We can network electronically with ease. One of the most impactful effects that the technological revolution has had is on health. There are an abundance of health applications, and other health inspired websites and other entities. Therefore, we are better equipped, not only to just become […]

Throwback: Physicians Still Make House Calls

How often does a physician come to your house when you’re sick, tell you what’s wrong, prescribe medicine, and go on their way? Probably not as often as they did when your parents were children. The house call has largely gone the way of the dodo, but it hasn’t entirely disappeared. The reason for this […]

I’m Sick

Maybe you woke up not feeling well or maybe it snuck up on you slowly as the day progressed. Either way, you know what that feeling means. You are sick. Once you have accepted this fact, your next step will be to figure out what to do next. Here are some simple guidelines designed to […]

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Doctors on Demand Provide Medical Advice Through a Smartphone

House calls by a doctor may be the next service provided by on-demand apps like Heal, potentially opening a billion dollar business akin to Uber’s disruptive business model. Similar apps also provide “telemedicine,” or a consultation with a medical professional over the web. As more Americans age into Medicare and long waits to see a […]

Common Conditions Handled with Telemedicine

When you are used to having to go to the doctor or “see” a doctor to get diagnosed and treated, the concept of telemedicine can be confusing.  What exactly is telemedicine, what should I expect, and what can be treated?  How is the doctor going to do all those doctor things, like look in my […]

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Telemedicine: The Computer’s Transformation of Healthcare

The July 11, 2015, edition of the  New York Times  reported that some users of telemedicine services can recoup costs through their medical insurance. That insurance story may be important, yet it’s not the big story. The big story is that healthcare is  now on the threshold of two ground-breaking developments, and both are made […]

Are You a Candidate for Telemedicine?

There’s a new way to see a licensed physician without long waits in a crowded waiting room and without having to schedule an appointment days ahead of time – telemedicine. Actually, telemedicine has been around for over 40 years. It began as a way for hospitals to provide care to patients in rural areas and […]

Telemedicine: A New Approach to Health Care

Sometimes it’s hard to find time to see a doctor when you work full-time and sometimes easy access to medical care isn’t available. A new mode of health care delivery called telemedicine makes it easier to get advice and treatment for minor health problems. Discover the benefits of telemedicine.