Your Phone Is Your Doctor: 5 Online Therapy Services To Try

Improvement in technology has been beneficial to those suffering from mental health conditions. People no longer need to go for face-to-face therapy sessions, which are expensive and inconvenient. Instead, there are numerous online therapy service providers. A good example is a renowned company called Culmerry, which offers its services online.

People no longer have to travel long distances to meet their therapists. They can always book and attend sessions from wherever they are. The service providers do not have to set up huge offices for therapy sessions. The overall effect is that these services are now cheaper than before.

However, the companies that provide mental health services are not equal in terms of quality. While some can be trusted to offer reliable services, others are mediocre. You should assess the service providers before choosing. Want the best online therapy, and you are wondering about which one to select? The reviews below will help you choose correctly.


1.   A Comprehensive Calmerry Review

The Novel Corona Virus Pandemic has had a huge negative impact on people’s psychological wee-being. Calmerry was established to help patients cope with their mental health issues during such trying times. The founders of this service provider focus on quality and convenience in online therapy. What are the characteristics that make people pick Calmerry?

You Deal with Qualified Therapists Here

As a patient, it would be best if you choose a therapy service based on the professionalism of the specialists available. It is the only way to ensure you obtain the best results during and after the sessions. Calmerry takes the recruitment of therapists as a serious affair. The company experts understand clients’ issues, are professional and have accumulated adequate experience in this field.

Affordable Prices for Service Clients

Calmerry is a subscription service. However, you are at liberty to select a package depending on your financial capability, schedule, and mental health needs. All the packages come with unlimited text messaging capability, including the basic plan that costs $45 weekly. If you need live video therapy online, you pay more. However, you always receive value for money. Insurance companies cannot cover these costs.

Straightforward Registration Process

You do not follow complicated procedures when seeking a specialist. The company has a questionnaire where you provide answers to basic questions, including the help you require. You get matched with the best therapist within 24 hours.

You Receive Quality Therapy Services

If you need the best online therapy for your psychological issues, Calmerry is one of them. The therapists at this company offer the best effective remedies for mental health complications. Clients have a great experience as the service has a unique approach for every patient, depending on their needs. Any time you need a different therapist, you are always at liberty to change.

Website Interface and Customer Support

The service has a professional design that is compatible with different devices. You can always complete your sessions from any location. If you have any questions, we have a professional support team to respond to. We are always here to improve your online counseling experience.


2.   Talkspace: All You Need to Know About the Service

As a platform that has served 1m+ clients, Talkspace is recognized globally. The company has always worked hard to make the lives of its patients easier. Are you wondering whether you can choose it or not? Here are crucial facts about Talkspace:

Therapists and Their Qualifications

With 10+ years of presence in this field, clients have always been happy with the excellent services that are offered at Talkspace. Its success is because of the excellent online counseling professionals that it employs. The experts have relevant licenses, possess 3,000+ hours of counseling experience, and understand what clients need.

How the Service Works

The service cares about the convenience of clients. You create an account using an email address, nickname, and an appropriate password. After that, you can provide the necessary details to the therapist, including the specific assistance you need. The service assigns the best therapist, depending on what you want.

Payment for Therapy at Talkspace

As a client, you have three pricing packages that you can choose from. With a $65 weekly subscription, there is unlimited text, voice, and video communication without live sessions. The $79 weekly package comes with the offers in the basic subscription plus a 30-minute live session. $99 weekly payment comes with an additional four 30-minutes live sessions in addition to what is in the basic subscription. Your insurance company can cover your subscription costs.


3.   Betterhelp: A Complete Service Review

The platform has helped clients for 6+ years. Their goal is to ensure clients receive top-notch mental health assistance at pocket-friendly rates. It makes work easy for busy people who do not have time for in-person therapy sessions.

Who Are the Counsellors at Betterhelp?

After you sign up, the service assigns you an online therapist who meets your specific mental health requirements. You should not be worried as the company has the best professionals. The approaches used by the therapists depend on the issue at hand. However, the strategies are always effective. The service has a foolproof recruitment policy that ensures you deal with qualified, licensed, professional, and experienced experts.

How Betterhelp Therapy Service Works

If you are seeking help at a platform that cares about your convenience, choose Betterhelp. What should you do to kickstart your journey towards mental health wellness? Here are the straightforward processes:

  • Give details about your issues through a registration form;
  • Create your account;
  • Choose the therapist you want;
  • Decide on the plan, make a payment, and begin your journey towards wellness.
The Available Payment Plans

The service offers different options when you need an online therapist. The weekly payments are between $80 to $100 billed monthly. You enjoy huge discounts when you pay yearly. Choose a plan that suits your needs.


4.   Amwell Professional Therapy Services

If you need therapy counseling from a platform that you can trust, do not overlook Amwell. You can browse through the information on the platform as soon as you create your profile. The service offers dermatology assistance in addition to therapy. Additionally, you can make your payments through insurance. What else do you need to know about this service?

Qualifications of Therapists

The company only hires professionals with masters’s and doctorate qualifications. Besides, the experts are licensed to offer services in this field. They understand what patients need to make their conditions better. With the hundreds of psychologists here, you are always sure of finding someone to take care of your needs.

Charges for Therapy

The service aims at making therapy services affordable for all patients who need assistance with their mental health issues. Their costs are anchored on the qualifications of the exact online psychiatrist you want. They charge $99 for a therapist with a master’s degree and $110 for one with a doctorate qualification. Every session is 45 minutes long.

Therapy Sessions at Amwell

Success in therapy depends on the convenience of the patient. When clients are comfortable, they are more likely to recover from their mental health conditions. Fortunately, Amwell offers its services every day of the week from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. EST. You can choose sessions that you are comfortable with.


5.   Doctor on Demand Therapy Services Review

When you need a company with a wealth of experience in videoconferencing therapy, it is Doctor on Demand. The service has assisted patients with mental health conditions since 2012. Clients do not need to travel to their premises when in need of therapy services. What are the specific characteristics of the service?

Counseling Services That Can Be Obtained from the Platform

The therapy platform can help you to deal with a wide variety of mental disorders. Examples include depression, anxiety, and anger management. Moreover, they can help you to cope with injuries from sports. Therefore, they recruit professionals with expertise in different areas.

How Does One Sign Up for the Services?

You can either sign up through the service website or install their app. Whichever option you pick, everything is easy. What is the procedure to follow when you need a qualified online psychologist?

  • Use the app or website to access services;
  • Fill your details in the “sign-up” form;
  • Specify that you want a doctor;
  • Provide details about your condition;
  • Book your appointment.
The Therapy Service Professionals Available

The company hires professionals in different areas. All of them are experienced, qualified, and have the necessary certifications. Therefore, you are sure that you are dealing with a legit company.

Rates for Therapy Services

The service offers flexible rates depending on the needs of the clients. 25-minute therapy sessions cost $129 and $179 for a 50-minute one. Psychiatry costs $129 and $299 for 15 and 45-minute sessions, respectively.


Pick Your Therapy Platform and Get Started

The best professionals will you recover from mental health issues quickly and effectively. Therefore, you should cautiously assess a company before you choose it. You should be guided by quality, the sessions you prefer, and the cost.


Author:  Kate Skurat,  Licensed Mental Health Counselor,  Washington, United States
Kate has a B.S. in Psychology and M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University and has worked in healthcare since 2017. She primarily treated depression, anxiety, eating disorders, trauma, and grief, as well as identity, relationship and adjustment issues. Her clinical experience has focused on individual and group counseling, emergency counseling and outreach.




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