12 Times to Try Lifestyle Changes Before Medication

12 Times to Try Lifestyle Changes Before Medication

Before you reach for prescription medication first see if you can eliminate your health issue with some simple lifestyle changes.  There are 12 health conditions that you may be able to resolve with some lifestyle changes on your part.  Don’t you owe it to yourself to try these before you start on a maintenance prescription drug?


ADHD – behavioral therapy, exercise

BACK AND JOINT PAIN – Yoga, swimming, stretching, tai chi, massage, physical therapy, apply heat

DEMENTIA – Set a regular routine, keep activities calm, frequent social contact

MILD DEPRESSION – exercise, meditation, talk therapy

HEARTBURN – eat smaller meals, don’t lie down after eating, lose excess weight, avoid trigger foods, avoid greasy meals

INSOMNIA – Learn good sleep habits, do not nap, avoid electronics in bed

LOW TESTOSTERONE – Exercise, get enough sleep, couples counseling

PREOSTEOPOROSIS (Low Bone Density) – Quit smoking, increase calcium, increase vitamin D, do weight bearing exercises

OVERACTIVE BLADDER – Reduce caffeine, reduce alcohol, exercise bladder muscles (Kegel exercises)

PREDIABETES – Exercise, eat a healthy raw food diet, lose weight

PREHYPERTENSION – Quit smoking, reduce sodium, reduce alcohol, lose excess weight, exercise

OBESITY – Lose weight, exercise more and eat less.  If you are having no success, ask your Doctor for a formal weight loss program.

If lifestyle changes do not work, it is time to see your doctor and look at all your options.

Key Points:

  • 1There are many illnesses that doctors are quick to prescribe medication for, but could be remedied with lifestyle changes that would address the illness as the predisease stage.
  • 2ADHD and even mild depression are ususally treated with drugs that prove to carry riskes like dizziness, irregular heatbeat and fever, but can be treated with therapy and interventions.
  • 3Blood pressure is normally treated with inhibitors and blockers that cause frequent urnination and decreased potassium levels, but could otherwise be treated with excercise and smoking cessation.

If you’ve been unable to lose weight on your own by exercising more and eating less, ask your doctor about formal weight-loss programs.

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