Are You Resolved to Organize Your Wellness, Weight Management and Appointments? We Have 3 New products for your consideration:

The Nutrition Twins and DayTimer have partnered up on two new products for January 2009.  They have pulled together a Wellness Calendar and a Weight Management Pocket Planner.

The Day Timer Wellness Calendar is for the extremely busy person who needs support and motivation to live a healthier lifestyle.  The Wellness Planner is packed full of information and sound nutritional advice plus practical solutions for helping get fit and healthy and staying that way! Four-color monthly tabs introduce each month’s topic:

  • Fitness:  Cardiovascular Exercise, Strength Training, Flex Appeal
  • Nutrition:  Energy Food, Meal Planning, Metabolism
  • Balance: Sleep, Relaxation, Mood

Every month there is a segment to guide your audience toward their health and fitness goals.

The DayTimer Wieght Management Pocket Planner:  It is easy-to-use and will support you in planning to manage your weight throughout the year. Many people are working hard to create a lifestyle dedicated to health and fitness but often find they falling short of their goals. A recent Kaiser Permanente Center for Healthy Research study showed that people who kept a food diary were more successful at losing weight than those who did not do so.

The Day-Timer Weight Management Planner is the first of its kind, has a 2-page format that has space to track daily food intake by category, exercise routine along with daily appointments. There is an information packed companion handbook that offers step-by-step guidance from the Nutrition Twins to help people achieve their weight, health, and fitness goals. It includes 12 Wire-bound monthly books, with advance planner booklet, and archive storage box.

**The HealthStatus Staff was able to review Wellness Planner DayTimer and like all DayTimer products it is very well done.  A beautiful leather cover, lots of writing space, a quality product throughout.  This would be excellent for tracking exercise, food and all of life’s day to day appointments.  If you currently use a DayTimer product definitely consider this healthy option.



HandiRecords are attractive, checkbook-sized medical information organizers that easily fit in your purse or pocket.  Each HandiRecords contains 24 pages to record critical medical information including:

– Allergies
– Emergency Contact Information
– Medications
– Hospitalizations
– Treatments
– Medical Tests
– Doctors’ Contact Information
– Doctors’ Appointments

Costs start around $7.99 and can be purchased at

**This product was reviewed by the HealthStatus staff.  This product is simple in design but SO useful.  I wish I had one of these while my kids were little.  It would have helped me keep track of all of their immunizations and dates of injury etc.  All of your doctors phone numbers in one handy spot.

Anyone taking daily medication should have one of these and carry it with them.



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