2017 New Year’s Resolutions to Help You Stop Whining and Think Positively

A new year always brings about change and growth of people. Setting resolutions and making goals are what we all try to do to get off to a fresh start. However there are those who just want to bring the negativity of last year right on into the new year with them. They just can’t seem to set out for change but instead they just want to whine and be negative and bring you down. There are actually different types of whiners from casual complainers to adult tantrums. Keeping people with that type of negative energy and negative vibes can really bring you down. Their negativity can start to wear off on you and you can start to believe in the negative vibes they are throwing. So it is important to separate your self from such weak individuals. Let them grow up in their own time not yours.

Key Points:

  • 1Having a new years resolution will keep you positive and to stop whining about things that you might have in the past
  • 2It can be hard to let go of negative thoughts and words that you have gotten so used to saying or thinking in the past
  • 3One of the main things you need to have on the mind is being open minded when it comes to new ideas in the new year

Mattinson points out that the new year is the perfect time to cast off complaining and negative thinking and adopt healthier habits for coping with life’s inevitable disappointments and setbacks.

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