3 Healthcare Careers To Consider

Choosing a career in healthcare doesn’t mean you have to spend your whole working life inside a hospital ward. There are plenty of alternative professional avenues to consider that still allow you to care for the health and wellbeing of those in need, but provide a different working environment to those inside the hospital doors.

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The role of a pharmacist involves preparing medications by reviewing and interpreting physician orders when a patient has been seen and diagnosed by a medical professional. The course of treatment they have been prescribed will be vital to their recovery process, and therefore a pharmacist has a very important and crucial role. Pharmacists can reside with a hospital, but are also present at drug stores in local communities, which is a great place to work if you love being part of where you live. A pharmacist provides an accessible place where patients can come and talk to a medical professional face-to-face, without having to book an appointment at a surgery or visit an emergency room. This is a great opportunity for individuals to seek advice without adding more pressure and demand to the healthcare system.

A pharmacist can help individuals with almost anything related to the use of medicines, which means they are an important part of maintaining a community’s health. Ailments can often be managed or cured by the advice or over-the-counter medication that a pharmacist prescribes, saving patients from taking up unnecessary time and resources in a hospital at a later date.

If you love being a part of a community, then this could be a brilliant healthcare role for you. Outside of a hospital setting, you’ll no doubt be visited by friendly faces on a regular basis, and will get to know your neighbors on a personal level. You’ll become a trusted individual that people will look to for advice from, and will get to organize and run your own pharmaceutical store if things go well.


Healthcare Administrator


A healthcare administrator focuses on the business side of a medical practice – overseeing the day-to-day administrative operations that need to be completed. Examples of tasks that you would be responsible for include drawing budgets together, managing services and facilities, and general organization of the medical practice as a whole. This is not the right career choice if you are looking to care for patients directly, as a healthcare administrator’s main role is to shape the current policies that are in place, and highlight areas that need changing or improving to ensure all patients are receiving the best care.

If you have a passion for business management, then this is definitely the right healthcare career choice for you, as you’ll still require an in-depth understanding of how healthcare should be delivered and the financial structure of the organization as a whole. You’ll need to obtain a bachelors in healthcare administration before starting your career, and then choosing the practice you want to work within. There is the option to work within a hospital setting, but you can also choose a specific specialty field. One area to consider could be cosmetic surgery or perhaps a financial charity that needs more structure and support could be more appealing to you?

Care homes are another area that requires a lot of business organization, and there is a growing demand for these facilities as the population is currently aging. Healthcare facilities need to operate as a fully functioning business in order to give the best possible care to their patients, and elderly care is only going to need more professional support.

Healthcare as a whole is a great professional area to choose a career in, as you can always develop and grow your skill-set over time. You could start in a hospital setting to gain a basic understanding of many illnesses and treatment plans, before choosing your speciality and working elsewhere. You could choose to work as an employee of a company throughout your professional career or branch out, and establish your own practice or treatment services, providing flexibility and a much better work/life balance.

Research all areas that you might want to learn about, and understand the level of education that is required to reach your goals. Obtaining a college degree is often an expensive process, but don’t let that dampen your enthusiasm, as there may be other alternatives available including work experience and making your way up the professional ladder over time.




Nutrition is becoming increasingly important within the healthcare industry, as there seems to be a growing epidemic of obesity among both adults and children. This is largely due to the growing array of, and accessibility to, processed and high fat foods, as well as the fact that individuals are leading an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, or perhaps an unhealthy combination of both. The strain of this epidemic is costing the healthcare industry billions of dollars every year, so choosing a career in nutrition is definitely a worthwhile choice to make. Dieticians and nutritionists can work within a hospital environment, but this career path can provide you with many different alternatives should you wish to take them.

If you’d prefer to be more on the move, you become a home nutritionist and wellbeing supporter, helping those who are trying to lose weight or recovering from an eating disorder. You could even choose an educational path and spend your working days visiting colleges and schools, parting your wisdom on the importance of healthy eating and instilling these habits within the younger generation that will hopefully lead to much better lifestyle choices.

If you enjoy the world of sport, then you could be employed on a private basis and become part of an athletic team striving for a world title. Nutrition is an important part of an athlete’s training and recovery, so this career could take you all over the place, witnessing some of the greatest sporting events around the world.


Whichever avenue you choose to take, you’ll no doubt end up in a career you love and will have a huge sense of accomplishment making a difference in people’s lives every day.



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