4 Ways To Keep Yourself Healthy During A Pandemic

As 2020 nears its end, we can only look back to what has been the highlight of this disruptive year: the COVID-19 pandemic. While it did overwhelm entire healthcare systems and disrupted global supply chains, the pandemic has made us realize the importance of staying healthy.

There is no telling what the world will be like once the pandemic is declared over. One thing is for sure, this current crisis keeps on pushing us to develop certain habits that can impact both the mind and the body. With that being said, let’s take a look at the five essential ways to drive towards good health in the middle of a bad situation:


1.  Start With the Mind

First off, the pandemic has raised the issue of mental health awareness. According to a study by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, less than 41% of adults have experienced at least anxiety or depression. As economic uncertainties abound, people are encouraged to undertake self-care, connect with friends and family members, and spend time learning a new skill or hobby. Mental health interventions are also available through government hotlines. If you are stressed out as a result of the lockdown measures in your area, it’s always best to know that you are not powerless and that you can change your mindset for the better.


2.  Take the Work-From-Home Experience Easy

Although burnout and other work-related stressors are categorized under mental health, they still require different approaches. You may need to work at your own pace and spend less time in front of the computer screen, especially if you are working remotely. Still, the best way you can tackle burnout and stress at home is to reach out to your coworkers and inform your employer about the challenges that you face each day.


3.  Do a Safe Health Check

You may be discouraged to step outside your home, but you still need to visit your doctor once in a while and undergo regular checkups. Although people are still allowed to visit clinics and hospitals for checkups and tests, you may want to consider safer arrangements if you have comorbidities. For one, virtual consultations allow you to talk with your doctor without exposing yourself to the virus. If you want to test for COVID-19 infection, you can order a COVID PCR test kit which allows you to ship blood or saliva samples and receive your results electronically.


4.  Eat Well and Workout

Exercise and a balanced diet form the cornerstone of a healthy life. With that being said, you might as well take the pandemic as an opportunity to prepare healthy meals and avoid food that has low nutritional value.  You can  also try out new exercise routines and convert a certain area  in your house into a makeshift gym. You should also make a habit of following workout guides that are available online. If you are not sure how to start your regimen, you can always have a virtual consultation with a personal trainer.


There are numerous other ways to stay healthy and we have pointed out are just some of the most basic approaches. Still, you need to double down on these habits and develop a mindset that’s focused on beefing up your defenses against COVID-19.


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HealthStatus teams with authors from organizations to share interesting ideas, products and new health information to our readers.

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