6 Innovative Medical Devices That Transformed Health Care

6 Innovative Medical Devices That Transformed Health Care

Technology is indeed changing the lives of people for the better. One of the industries that are profoundly affected by advancements in technology is the medical and healthcare industry. 

Because of these advancements and innovative medical devices, the health and mortality of people are improving. When a person is diagnosed with a disease, they’re able to have the best care, cure, and treatment. 

As the years continue to fly by and more technological advancements come in, no one knows what other inventions are coming in. For now, let’s focus on these innovative medical devices that have transformed health care:


1.  Smart Inhalers


Inhalers serve as the extension of the lives of asthma patients. When taken and used correctly, for most asthma patients, it’s 90% effective.

Today, this is made even better through smart inhalers. With the clamor to help asthma patients better manage their conditions, Bluetooth-enabled smart inhalers are created. 

What is a smart inhaler? It’s a small, electronic device that’s attached to the inhaler. This device makes it easier to track and record data related to the time of administration, and whether or not it was done correctly. As each data is recorded, this is transmitted to the smartphone of the patient. That way, it’s easier for asthma patients to track how they frequently use an inhaler and their condition.

Here are some of the ways that a smart inhaler helps make life easier:

  • Lets you know if you’re using the inhaler correctly. This way, you’re able to get more of the medicine to your lungs, with a reduction in side effects.
  • Gives you an alert on your smartphone when you hit an area with high levels of allerg