6 Natural Remedies For Fixing Hormonal Imbalance

Maintaining good health in 2020 isn’t an easy bet.

With all the “reasonably” priced and readily available junk food and our so called modern lifestyles, everything from our eating habits to our sleep cycles get adversely affected.

And one of the most straightforward changes that happen due to these habits is hormonal imbalance. Yep, stress, obesity, lethargy and a number of other ailments come as a result of this imbalance.

And as our health may be at stake, it’s crucial for us to work on putting an end to such hormonal changes.

Speaking of how, here are six natural remedies that’ll help you do that.


1. Include Avocados In Your Diet

Super rich in healthy monounsaturated fats and several other essential nutrients like fiber, B vitamins, folic acid, Vitamin E, magnesium and potassium avocados make the best fruit option for bringing the much required hormonal balance in your body.

And that’s not all. Apart from maintaining your hormonal imbalance, avocados work greatly for taking care of your body’s cholesterol levels.

So, by adding around three to four avocados per day in your diet, you can say goodbye to many common hormonal problems that you might be having to face otherwise.


2. Use Coconut Oil

If you’ve ever learnt a thing or two about coconut oil, you would know about the absolute utility that it holds.

With myriads of benefits to the overall human health, coconut oil is known to work from head till toe. Yes, you might have heard about how coconut oil is a great tonic for improving and maintaining hair and scalp health.

But here we are talking about maintaining a hormonal balance, right?

Well, it’s a magical oil as it works for that too. Just add two to three tablespoons of coconut oil to your daily diet and see it working wonders.


3. Consume More Vitamin D

Whether it’s through eggs, or through milk, Vitamin D is essential for the human body.

And when you are going through a hormonal situation, it becomes even more important to increase intake as vitamin D is one of those essential nutrients that deeply clean your imbalance issues.

Some of the richest and most natural sources of Vitamin D are as follows.

  • Sunlight (Yep, no wonder it’s one of the most efficient healers)
  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Cod Liver Oil
  • Oily Fish

Apart from fixing your hormonal imbalance, Vitamin D can also help in putting a full stop to all the abnormal secretions from the pituitary gland, which might have been adversely affecting your appetite and weight.


4. Eat More Carrots

From looking after your eyes’ health to fixing hormonal balances in both men and women carrots serve a variety of purposes for maintaining good health in humans.

They are rich in fibre, and so they can help in absorbing excess estrogen and eradicating unnecessary fat from your body.

Sounds like such a detox, right?

Well, a Cutting Caloriesarticle says that carrots are also great for preventing obesity and are considered as the low-calorie vegetables that you can consume, even when you are on a strict diet.

Apart from this, carrots also help keep acne and several heart infections away.


5. Move to Natural Herbs and Spices

Strong spices are one of the primary reasons that inflict a hormonal imbalance in the human body.

And when you are already going through such a situation, consuming more of these spices can be one recipe for failure. Which is why, you must consider using natural herbs and spices that can keep your hormones under the right balance.

Some of the most common natural herbs that you can use for maintaining your hormonal imbalance are as follows:

  • Black cohosh
  • Chaste tree berry
  • Ginkgo biloba
  • Ashwagandha
  • Rhodiola
  • Asian ginseng
  • Red raspberry leaf


6. Make Some Lifestyle Changes

While many people consider using THC (cannabis) as a tool for keeping their minds under control, it doesn’t always work that way. And the same holds true for alcohol.

These substances consist of several chemicals (sometimes natural, sometimes synthetic) that play a lot with the nervous system.

This doesn’t always have a damaging effect. Yes, doctors have now started prescribing THC and CBD oils to patients suffering from severe stress, anxiety and other disorders such as PTSD. But those prescriptions are always under certified quantities and to specific patients.

In other cases, these substances can highly alter mental states and hormonal balances.

So, try to steer clear and instead turn to practices like yoga and meditation for keeping your body and mind active.


Final words

Be it for the fast-moving modern lifestyles or because of the junk food that we eat, it’s a fact that hormonal balances among humans are gaining popularity at a rate of knots.

For the right health, we need to put a stop to these problems. And in this post, we talked about how that can be done. Here you read about six natural remedies for fixing hormonal imbalance.

Hopefully, this was helpful.


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