6 Tips for Staying Healthy in College

6 Tips for Staying Healthy in College

When you dive right back into college life, it’s easy to get swept up with everything that’s going on. From studying and homework to classes and social gatherings, you’ve got a lot on your plate – which means there’s a good chance that your health has taken a back seat.

When you’re worried about all the stresses of college life, it can be easy to let things slip, like your everyday health. However, in such a stressful time of life, it’s actually even more important that you prioritize your overall well being. Let’s talk about six tips for staying healthy in college so that you can pass those exams at the end of the year with flying colors.


1.     Get Your Diet Right


One thing that we can all relate to when we’re in college is that we don’t have any money. Que the joke about two-minute noodles and having no money whatsoever to spend on anything but alcohol. Jokes aside, though, it’s essential that we maintain our health throughout our college years by getting our diet right.

Eating a healthy diet when you’re in college can help to boost your immune system, and keep your head clear in order to study for those class tests. When you eat processed food that is quick and convenient, your blood sugar levels go up and down, which can affect your mood and inhibit your ability to concentrate. While money is still an issue, there are ways to keep things affordable, from eating granola bars as a snack to ordering low fat cheese on your pizza.


2.     Get Enough Sleep


This is another cliché that you’ll hear a lot about in college, but the reality is that it’s true. When we’re up late studying for last-minute tests or trying to get an essay handed in on time, it can be easy to forget the time and lose sleep as a result.

When we’re burning the candles at both ends, it begins to affect our daily routine. Sleep deprivation can result in headaches, weight gain, and general fatigue. This is going to slow down your day and make it even more difficult to concentrate when you do finally get to class.


3.     Try an At-Home Test


One of the biggest things that’s easy to forget about when we’re in college is our sexual health. If you’ve started out the college year single and ready to mingle, then you may be making the most of your freedom and having a bit of fun along the way. If you’re going out more than often right now, though, perhaps it’s time to check in on how you’re doing down there, and if there’s anything happening out of the ordin