Book Review: THE CURE by Dr. Timothy Brantley

Book Review: THE CURE by Dr. Timothy Brantley

The 12-Week Plan to Prevent and Reverse Cancer, Heart Disease, Obesity, and More You will find this book easy to read. It is very well written and the stories he shares are movingly portrayed. Dr. Brantley starts out by telling his story, his mother dying from cancer, the frustration with the medical community that affects him so dramatically that he makes it his mission to look for causes of disease. Unlike the medical community he encounters who are busy treating symptoms he looks to science, cell structure, and his faith that all the requirements for a healthy balanced body can be found in nature. He then proceeds to relate stories of some of his clients and what they experienced when using his theories on food nutrition. Truly amazing.

His philosophy, what goes into your body needs to provide your body with the nutrition it needs to keep your cells healthy and healthy cells prevent disease. I really enjoyed his approach to balancing your health. So if you are frustrated with your body; fatigued all the time, disease, joint pain, constipation, overweight give his approach a try. It is a non drug dependent attempt to balance your body back into a healthy state.

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It truly is not much different than some things you have heard before. Drink lots of WATER, eat foods closest to their natural state, cut out sugar, and eliminate non-sprouted breads. He also stresses cleaning out the pipes with colon cleanses. By laying out a 12 week plan you do not have to come up with your own way to manage this approach. Which is good because the easier it is the more likely I am to stick with it. He refers to Health food stores and organic grocery stores to find things that are healthy for you. These are unfamiliar to me so that makes his references to them seem a little overwhelming. I also don’t like to read a book that is BUY my products. Go to my web site etc. It seems self-promoting. He does do this towards the end of the book. Now granted I do understand that he needs to make a living and for those of us unsure of how to buy herbs at our local health food store this is a good resource. I will admit to, after reading this book, spending huge amounts of money in the produce section of my grocery store on my last shopping trip. I also came right home and washed everything so it was prepped and ready to eat. It is worth reminding yourself Dr. Brantley’s motto: take responsibility, take action, let your body heal itself.


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