8 Ways To Improve Your Focus At Work

Research has shown that human don’t multitask well, we are less productive when trying to juggle multiple tasks instead of keeping our focus on one task at a time. So when looking to improve your productivity at work or in life here are 8 tips to help you maximize your time and possibly improve your work. Use the Pomodoro Technique, focus on one task for 25 minutes and then move onto another task, our brains focus best in short bursts. Actually track and measure your time, this allows you to look back at your day and see where you’re wasting time and possibly when you are most effective. Continuing from that, use that information to your advantage, if you see that you are most productive and focused right after lunch in the future you should plan to do your harder tasks at times when you know you are more effective.

Writing a list sounds simple but having a list removes the need to periodically cycle through your list of things to do in your mind when you could be focused on other tasks. Avoiding distractions is also key, taking a break to play a game or to check social media obviously isn’t helping you get your work done, try an app like ColdTurkey to block these distractions from your phone. Silencing your alerts will also help block these distractions, keep your phones alerts on silent during the day so you can focus on the task at hand, every pause to check your phone breaks your focus from the task at hand.

Get the hard work out of the way first, lots of people like to procrastinate but if you do the hardest task of the day first you’ll have less excuses to jump to other tasks. And finally the last tip is to stop reacting immediately, its rare that an email or text has to be answered within 20 minutes, finish your current task and then you can reply to these things.

Key Points:

  • 1Working in chunks is the best way to increase focus and productivity. It is recommended that workers split off their work into 25 minute chunks of time.
  • 2Using time trackers can help one recognize how much time they are spending on various tasks and how to best reallocate time if necessary.
  • 3Writing down a to-do list helps one to focus on tasks that needs to get done rather than trying to memorize a list of future tasks to be completed.

One of the best ways to focus and boost productivity is to block your time into segments and take regular breaks.
It’s all about the ergonomics!
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