Almonds – A Perfect Snack

Everyone is on a diet. That usually means that we are staying away from our favorite foods. As a consequence, we hate every minute of it and we give up too soon to have any long-term effects. It is just too hard to live like that. Some foods, like almonds, are on everyone’s no-no list because they are so rich in calories, but by giving them up also means giving up on so many benefits they bring.

What is in almonds?

There is a good reason why so many energy bars are full of almonds. Just one ounce of almonds will give you 12 percent of your daily need of protein and 35 percents of vitamin E. Almonds are loaded with phosphorus, zinc, calcium and folic acid. They are also very rich in calcium – 25 almonds have as much calcium as one quarter glasses of milk. Almonds are a great source of the folic acid, which is crucial during pregnancy and growth because it helps rapid cell division and production of red blood cells. Almonds have more magnesium than spinach and oatmeal. Most of fat in almonds is ‘good’ fat or good cholesterol. Check more details on what else there is in almonds at Nutrition data.

What do the doctors say?

The new study , published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and supported by the Almond Board of California found that people who are dieting showed very little difference when it came to losing weight regardless of eating almonds or not, but their cholesterol was much better if their diet contained almonds.

The study was too small to draw any serious conclusions, but it just reminded us that we have to exercise common sense when designing our weight loss diet. Adding about 24 almonds to your daily diet, which contain about 350 calories, can easily be incorporated into your diet, with added benefits of all phytonutrients almonds contain. When you get craving for an afternoon snack, almonds are by far better choice than potato chips or cookies.

To get most of your almonds, you need to chew them well. According to another study, chewing almonds very well releases most of good cholesterol and vitamin E from them.

When we wonder why so many fad diets fail, we have to remember that each one of them forces us to give up some foods we really love. The more of our favorite foods we give up, the sooner we will give up our diet plan. By incorporating small quantity of our favorites, we feel less deprived and can stick to our diet a bit longer. And without persistence, no diet plan will work.


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