An Overview Of Medical Tourism In Europe

Medical tourism in Europe dates back to the eighteenth century when people travelled to England to get spa-treatments to cure various diseases like gouty arthritis or liver problems through mineral water. Since then, people have been going to various European countries for getting healing treatment in infirmaries and spas. These countries include Lithuania, Poland, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain and Portugal, Germany, Hungary, Malta, Ukraine and Cyprus among others.

Destinations For Medical Tourism In Europe

Eastern Europe for the past twenty years has become a hot favorite among medical tourists from Western Europe. However, today people from all over the world have also started flocking to Europe for treatment. Like Central America, Europe too is gaining popularity as a treatment hub for cosmetic and dental problems.

Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic are cheaper destinations than England and therefore are a good option for medical tourism for spa and thermal spring treatments. They can also save the tourists their time and money as the flights to these places are short and the airfare is not very expensive. Germany is also emerging as a major location for medical tourism in Europe.

These European destinations are also preferred over other destinations like China and India as the risks involved, ethical issues or chances of infections are much lesser here.

Information For European Medical Tourists

People who wish to travel out of Europe don’t have to worry about anything at all. Good care has been taken to provide them assistance throughout their treatment in foreign countries. And various measures have been taken to ensure their satisfaction. Here’s some information regarding the same.

Medical Tourist Provider Units

There are many medical tourism providers that provide assistance to European medical tourists. They not only help to arrange for boarding and lodging in the tourist destinations, but also keep in constant touch with global healthcare facilities across borders. They help these patients get complete medical care at minimum cost. Not only this, they take care of their medical care before and after the journey and also look after their follow-up needs.

How is all this done? Let us take a look.

Typically, medical travelers contact providers of medical tourism in Europe. They give them their complete details including their medical profile, history, doctors’ recommendations and suggestions and the diagnosis. Then these service units contact competent doctors for advice. They calculate the costs, which may include the cost of the treatment, the stay and the journey. The choice of destination, hospitals and other such details are then discussed. Finally, the recommendations for a medical visa are given after the usual formalities of filling forms and bonds are complete.

International Certification

European tourists do not need to worry about the standard of infrastructure and treatment when they go to foreign countries for healthcare. This is because there are many international organizations that take utmost care to maintain high quality of treatment and care for the medical tourists.

The Trent International Accreditation Scheme is one such organization catering to the needs of European medical travelers. Many healthcare hospitals and units seek dual certification from both JCI and Trent for US and European tourists respectively.

The concept of medical tourism in Europe is flourishing because of great wealth and lack of local options. Today, people seeking medical tourism don’t have to wait for getting a particular treatment for too long. They can get immediate medical attention.


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