Architecture that’s built to heal | Michael Murphy

Think of the time when communities came together to raise the roof or wall of the neighbors down the way. I see the men with simple tools, ropes and hammers, a horse or an ox, pulling together for a common cause. The lady’s prepare a feast of common fare, rabbits and veggies, a bonnet on her hair. We feel a instant bond that seems forever lost as we have moved to a construction crew with a crane dropping a pre-fab home onto a cement slab.

Key Points of Video:

  • 1Buildings are making people sicker-What if new architecture can heal people with beauty that’s built in. Open air buildings bring beauty to hospitals that heal.
  • 2We need to work with people in their own environments to teach them how to build architecture. We should hire and train locally whenever possible.
  • 3Countries around the world have made memorials to heal themselves of the atrocities from their past. America has yet to do so for slavery.

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