Asperger’s Syndrome

Asperger’s is a disorder that falls in the autism spectrum disorders.  Asperger’s is at the mild end of the spectrum.  Usually allowing people who have it to be very high-functioning.  This means that their symptoms are less severe.  Though the severity of symptoms is truly dependent on the person.  Some people with Asperger’s will need more help than others.  People with Aspberger’s syndrome usually have normal to above normal intelligence.  As well as be able to hold normal jobs and excel at them. 



There are few main things that someone with Asperger’s will show.  One symptom being difficulty with social interaction.  This can be an inability to notice the topic of conversation changes.  Trouble reading facial expressions and body language of someone else.  It can even be hard to recognize feelings. 

A person with Asperger’s may also speak in a flat tone of voice.  And when reacting to something displays few facial expressions, such as smiling or laughing. 

Another symptom of Asperger’s could be engaging in repetitive behavior.  This can be focusing and obsessing over one narrow topic.  As well as focusing on rules or routines. 

Other symptoms of Asperger’s are stubbornness on what they think, difficulty with motor skills such as running, walking, climbing, or riding a bike. 

Having an all consuming interest as well as speaking in a flat tone of voice lacking emotion can also be symptoms of Asperger’s.  Symptoms vary depending on each person, as well as how extreme the symptoms are.  



Someone with Asperger’s may suffer from some challenges. 

  • One challenge may be hypersensitivity to light, sound or taste. 
  • As well as it can be hard for them to have conversations that are give and take conversations.  Conversation skills such as distance, loudness, or tone can also be tough for someone with Asperger’s. 
  • Uncoordinated movements and clumsiness can also happen. 
  • Anxiety and depression can be challenges as well. 
  • Some people with Asperger’s can be taught in normal school settings.  Though school can bring on some challenges as well.  Your child with Asperger’s may need an Individual education program (IEP).  This could include having regular daily routines, using headphones with audio lessons, joining groups to help with social situations, and helping with self-control techniques.  


Though there may be some challenges for people with Asperger’s, these people also have great strengths.  Usually have remarkable focus and persistence.  As well as having a great aptitude for recognizing patterns.  They are also very attention detail oriented people as well. 



The cause of Asperger’s is unknown.  There are some changes in the brain that cause the symptoms.  It could be based on different genetic factors.  As well as environmental toxin exposure such as chemicals or viruses. 



It can be difficult at first to diagnose if your child has Asperger’s.  It usually is caught during childhood.  First the parents will notice developmental or behavioral delays.  Then bringing those concerns to a pediatrician may help with the diagnosis. 

Usually the first delays to be noticed are language development, social interactions, facial expression when talking, attitudes towards change, and motor coordination. 

Asperger’s can commonly be misdiagnosed.  It may take a group of physicians to help diagnose properly.  Some of whom may include pediatrician, child psychologists, child psychiatrist, neurologist, or therapists.  



There is no cure for Asperger’s but there is treatment that can help reduce symptoms.  Treatment is dependent on the child’s symptoms. 

  • Medications can be used to help reduce irritability, reduce hyperactivity, reduce repetitive behaviors, reduce agitation, or reduce insomnia. 
  • Social skills training like speech, or language therapy. 
  • Occupational therapy or physical therapy could be good treatment options. 
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy can help you change your own thinking. 
  • Parent education and training can also be beneficial.  This can help them learn how to best handle a child with Asperger’s.  



People with Asperger’s usually grow up and live healthy productive lives.  They can live independently, hold good jobs and excel at them.  People with Asperger’s are usually high functioning and have normal intelligence.  There are some who will need more help than others and that is just dependent on how extreme symptoms are.  Though it can be hard to diagnose at first, early diagnosis and treatment can be key to helping a child grow up with Asperger’s.  


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People with Asperger’s have amazing focus, recognize patterns and are detail oriented!


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