Book Review – Health and the Honeybee by Charles Mraz

Book Review – Health and the Honeybee by Charles Mraz

I became interested in apitherapy (the use of bee products for healing and health) when doing some online research about allergies. That led me to this book. This is an autobiography of Charles Mraz who has been a leader in bee venom therapy (BVT) in America since 1934. In this book Charles Mraz walks you through how he became a bee keeper in Vermont and began experimenting with bee stings to help people with arthritis. He was skeptical, this was one of those old-time beekeeper tales (like old -wives tales usually have some truth to them). He found BVT gave people relief from arthritic pain. He goes on to discover actual medical professionals who were also experimenting in BVT. He goes on to help people with different types of arthritis, rheumatism, MS and even some cancer experiments. He seems a very humble man frustrated with the lack of the pharmaceutical world to pursue what seems to be a no-brainer. Bee venom can heal. This is a quick little book to read. It may have been written for other apitherapist to learn from, but I found a curious person like me enjoyed the read very well. If you have interest in alternative therapies you may want to give this book a try.

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