Book Review: STOP AGING START TRAINING by Salvatore Fichera, M.S.

Book Review: STOP AGING START TRAINING by Salvatore Fichera, M.S.

“Live a more youthful existence by adding years to your life and life to your years!”

Is your chronological age starting to creep up? Is your body telling you that you feel older than you think you should? If so, this is a book you should read. The author, Salvatore Fichera, lays out a clear and precise plan for why you should strength train and how you should strength train. Strength training will help you get rid of achy joints, painful movement, and increase your flexibility. This training will help reset your biological age, so much so that your chronological age won’t mean that much to you.

I love the example he uses of tooth brushing on page 43. Do you only brush your teeth when you have a dental problem? No. You brush your teeth as a preventive measure against cavities. Treat your body like your teeth; use some preventive measures, like strength training and good nutrition to keep your body stronger, healthier, younger and happier.

Page 212 “High intensity resistance training is the only therapy that clearly demonstrates improvements in muscle loss.” – So while cardio is important we cannot neglect strength training from our health routine. And science is showing us that strength training is appropriate and beneficial for people of all ages, even our seniors. It is never too late to start.

This book is like having your own personal trainer. There are pictures and clear instructions for each exercise. There is no age bias in this book the exercise pictures use adults of all ages. The strength training exercises are for at home (using free weights or soup cans) or for use at the gym (using gym machines). And at the end of the book after describing all of the exercises there are programs detailed for you. The exercise programs are based on your fitness level, and give instructions for repetitions and when to increase your weight. No guesswork on your part.

This book is easy to read and encouraging. The author is upbeat and motivational. You can check out more about the author at


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