Causes Of Mortality

Mortality is defined as being mortal or susceptible to death. Mortality rates are the number of deaths in a population, and mortality displacement is the temporal shift in the rate of mortality for that same population. There are so many causes of mortality it is almost a wonder that any of us are alive!

The Top Ten Causes of Mortality of All Ages in the United States

On a positive note, you can do quite a bit to decrease mortality rates. A fit lifestyle including nutrition and exercise can add years to your life by preventing diseases, helping your body remain active, and keeping your mind healthy.

Heart disease is the number one cause of mortality in the United States. 27 percent of all deaths are related to heart problems and disease. Prevention includes a healthy diet and exercise that is age appropriate.

Cancer is the second killer of Americans at 23 percent. You can help prevent cancers by regular examinations and a healthy regime. (As a note, cancer is lumped into one category and not broken out by type.)

Strokes are the number three cause of mortality with a 6 percent statistic on deaths per population. Prevent strokes by maintaining a good and healthy lifestyle.

Number four is chronic lower respiratory disease with 5 percent mortality statistics. Stop smoking and living in a place that has clean air are the best preventions for respiratory disease.

Accidents are the fifth cause of mortality and death in the United States. Accidents account for 4.5 percent of deaths with motor vehicle accidents comprising 2 percent of all accident statistics.

Diabetes is a scary disease and more and more people seem to be “acquiring”this disease. Three percent of deaths occur because of diabetes. Eat right and exercise to stop diabetes. It’s very simple, really.

Alzheimer’s disease accounts for 3 percent of deaths in America. Prevention includes keeping yourself fit through mental workouts and social contact.

Pneumonia and influenza and are the cause of 2 percent of deaths. Make sure you get your annual vaccines, wash your hands, and exercise to prevent infections.

Two percent of all deaths in the United States are caused by kidney disease. You can prevent your kidneys from failing by living a healthy lifestyle which includes eating right.

Septicemia is the number ten killer of people. With a statistic of 1 percent this problem can be prevented by maintaining a healthy immune system, getting enough sleep, exercise and eating right.

As you look at the causes of mortality, it becomes clear that if you want to life a long and prosperous life, you need to eat right, exercise, practice good hygiene, and stop smoking. A good attitude also helps.


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