Easy Changes for a Healthier Lifestyle

Staying healthy is hard, especially in a world filled with modern conveniences and temptations. How can a person even hope to combat overindulgence or sloth when they seem simply more attainable than living healthfully? You could change everything about your daily routine and try to power through the resistance. But as several studies have shown, people aren’t likely to stick to such a drastic plan. What you can do, however, is change small things in your daily routine, those you won’t even notice after the first few times.

  1. Grilling or Baking

By now it’s  common knowledge that fried food is not the best  for your body. Your food is being cooked in its own grease and maintaining all the fat content. Try taking your food outside to grill it. Most of the grease and fat content will fall through the slats, into the fire below, where it will never get to make an appearance as a new addition to your body mass index. An additional benefit to grilling is the time you get to spend outside. The fresh air and added vitamin D can do wonders for a person.

Sometimes going outside to cook just isn’t an option. You can also try baking foods as another healthy alternative. The same principles are at play when baking. But often baking will take longer than grilling the same foods.

  1. Stairs

This tip may seem obvious but it is often ignored.  Instead of taking the elevator to the office or to whatever elevated location you need to reach, consider taking the stairs. Climbing stairs is a great low-impact cardio exercise  that can be as easy as going to work. You don’t have to climb 30 flights a day. You could start by going up one flight of stairs then taking the elevator the rest of the way. Anything is better than nothing in this case.

  1. Smaller Plates

This tip could be seen as more of a gimmick. People love to go back for seconds. Why not account for that? If you use smaller plates when you serve yourself, you can fill them completely and still be within you portion limits. Plus you get to go back for more, guilt free. It will also give you a chance to use for those tiny plates that have been sitting idle in your cabinet for years.

  1. Spices

One of the things people fear most about living healthier is sacrificing flavor. But as long as you can get creative, this doesn’t have to be the case. When you go shopping you should spend a little more time in the spice section rather than the other seasonings. Spices are a great way to add a kick to your food without adding many calories. Cinnamon, for example, can be added to a wide variety of recipes from   breakfasts to main courses to desserts. It can add the sweeter taste you want without all of the drawbacks of sugar.

  1.  Drink Water

The human body is made up of about 60 percent water. It should be treated that way. A person should drink at least 64 ounces of water a day, although this varies between individuals and depends on activity levels. Being properly hydrated has several benefits. You will find yourself with more energy because your body won’t have to slow down as much to conserve what it has. Making sure you have plenty of water on hand may keep your stomach fuller for longer too, which will prevent unnecessary eating.

The water you drink doesn’t necessarily have to be pure water. Some juices can be an appropriate substitute, but you should check the label for sodium content. Too much sodium can  negate any hydrating effects.

Being healthy can be difficult. Old habits really do die hard. But if you can take it one step at a time, you can make it possible. There are plenty of small changes you can make that won’t break your spirit. You just have to find what’s best for you. These tips are a good place to start.


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