Enhance Your Outdoor Experience With Outdoor Roller Shades

You have no doubt heard about the benefits of being outdoors. This is particularly important as most people spend the majority of their time indoors. Maybe it’s because there is so much you can do indoors. From binge-watching Netflix shows to work, a lot of modern-day activities require you to be enclosed somewhere. But do you know that science shows that being outdoors allows you to get some much needed Vitamin D and may alleviate depression symptoms? Maybe it’s because of this reason that houses with outdoor lounging areas are more in demand now. People want homes with decks and patios so they can enjoy being outside more.

You can enjoy mingling with friends, bonding, and playing games on your patio while reaping the benefits of being outdoors. But what about during those hot summer days when the sun is so hot it’s just not healthy? Or what about when you want some privacy? This is where  outdoor roller shades  come in. They allow you to enjoy the outdoors while limiting all the negatives.



When picking out your outdoor shades, openness is one key factor to consider.

So, what is openness when referring to shades? It refers to the weave of the fabric. Openness determines how much UV light is blocked out and how much of the outdoors you can see. There are generally three levels, low, high, and very high. They are measured in percentages.

Low openness. This is when the window shade has between 1-5% openness. A window shade with 3% openness means it lets in 3% light while blocking out the other 97% of the UV rays and sunlight. This is an excellent option for those who prefer more privacy as most of the outside view is blocked

High openness. This ranges from 10-15%. This option allows more light in and consequently gives a better view.

Very high openness — Some shades can have 20-30% openness. Though this occurs on rare occasions. The privacy levels are lower, but the view is better and so is the lighting

No level of openness is better than another. Generally, you pick the one that serves your needs best. The fantastic thing about using smart shades is that they can be remote-controlled. This means you can control how much openness you want, depending on your needs. You no longer need to fear getting too hot or too tanned when spending your time outdoors. You can easily find great outdoor roller shades that will fit your needs.


Outside Mount vs. Inside Mount Outdoor Roller Shades

You have two options when it comes to selecting outdoor roller shades. You can either select inside mount or outside mount exterior outdoor shades.

Inside Mount Outdoor Roller Shades

Inside mount exterior shades are installed inside the window sill. You can either operate them manually or with a motor. They effectively decrease the amount of sunlight getting into a room. However, they may not do so 100% as light can still come in from the edges. They can interfere in the operation of window panels.

Exterior Outdoor Roller Shades

These shades are mounted outside the windows or your outdoor seating area, be it a deck or a patio. They are great at making these areas energy efficient. This is because they block the heat and UV rays before they heat the window. This is unlike interior shades that block them after they have hit the window. They are also more energy-efficient because they don’t allow these rays and heat in through the sides. This is because they can cover the whole window frame completely.

They are installed on a rail surrounding your window. They, too, can be operated in a variety of ways. They can be installed so that they fit the aesthetics of your building. They may, however, be more expensive to purchase and install. This is because;

  1. They need to be more durable as they are exposed directly to the weather elements.
  2. They have to be durably installed and may require a professional to do so.


Here are two great reasons you need outdoor roller shades:

  1. They enhance your privacy — Whether you are having a picnic with your partner or want to stay out of your neighbor’s curious eye, they are perfect for your needs.
  2. They are great for your health — too much sun is not good for your skin. Your shades have got you covered.

A little outdoor time is just what the doctor ordered. Invest in outdoor roller shades and make your time outdoors safer and more enjoyable.



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