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Do you have a member of your household that requires specific home health care? Perhaps they are dealing with a chronic condition, or it’s a temporary condition that requires care at the moment. Either way, it’s best to be prepared and have all the essential products on-hand that will make home health care smoother, easier, and just more comfortable for all involved. But what are the basics? While each person is unique and will have specific needs, there are some basic essentials worth stocking up on which are handy to have available to you. Let’s take a closer look.


The Right Bedding

If the person you are caring for has a hospital bed in your home – which is common with at-home patients – then you know you can’t just throw your everyday linens on there and expect them to fit. Not only will the fit be all wrong, but you also want something that is easy to wash and long-lasting.

You need to carefully consider the fabric it is made from, as they no doubt spend long hours in bed. So, you want something that is soft and non-irritating against their skin. It also needs to retain that softness even after being washed time and time again. You can check out this selection of MIP home healthcare products in your search for bedding.

Don’t forget to also look for a pillow that offers ample support, has the right loft to it, and won’t lose its shape even after continuous use.


Incontinence Products and Care

Another essential item may be incontinence products, which can be made up of a few different items. The most common and useful item tends to be a bed pad. These are waterproof and can be placed under the person or even under the fitted sheet in order to protect the mattress from any leaks or accidents. You want to look for one that can easily be washed at home, is durable, stain resistant, and waterproof. It should also wick away moisture from the person’s skin so that they are kept comfortable at all times. Depending on the situation of the person receiving home health care, you may also want to pick up a chair pad.


Personal Care Products

There are a number of personal care products you’ll also want to have on-hand which includes:

  • Rinse-free shampoo (dry shampoo)
  • Skin barrier cream to help protect against pressure ulcers
  • Rinse-free body wash
  • Mild cleanser and alcohol for treating minor cuts

These are just a few of the basic products that can make home care easier and more comfortable.


A Pillow or Bed Wedge

For those who are confined to bed a pillow or bed wedge can prove to be incredibly useful. These can be positioned however the person finds comfortable, which could be the lower back, upper body, to support a leg or hip, they are completely versatile. Be sure to look for one with a removable cover that can easily be laundered.


These are just a few of the home health care products that you’ll want to have on-hand at all times.




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