Exercise Pep Talk

Exercise Pep Talk

Exercise is something that is essential for us to stay healthy. There are a lot of things that are considered exercise. Some activities, such as cleaning the house, lifting groceries, washing the car, shopping in the mall are forms of exercise that we get without realizing they are exercise. The fact is that people who exercise frequently are healthy and are able to maintain a normal weight quite easily.

Even though you can get exercise in your daily life, it is a good idea to create an exercise program that you will stick with. You can”t always rely on having an active day. Most of us lead sedentary lives. We sit at our desks all day and other than getting up to go to the bathroom and talk to our coworkers we only get a small amount of exercise. That is why going to the gym or finding other physical activities that we enjoy is so important.

To develop your own exercise program, you need to include flexibility, cardiovascular endurance and overall strength these three components are important for overall fitness. So keeping these three elements in mind, think about the activities that you enjoy. Do you like yoga, stretching, or Pilates? These are all good for flexibility. For cardiovascular endurance you can do anything that elevates your heart rate. This includes walking fast, running, dancing, biking and sports such as tennis, basketball or soccer. For strength work you can go to the gym or do resistant at home with bands or free weights.

Once you pick an activity or series of activities that you enjoy, the only thing left is to put your plan to action. This will require some motivation on your part. Once your activities become habits your need for motivation decreases.

Exercise is good for all aspects of your life. It not only makes you healthy but it also helps you lose weight and manage stress. Remember to consult with a doctor before you do anything new or strenuous.

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