Frozen Foods: Are They Good For You?

Frozen Foods: Are They Good For You?

Fresh fruits and vegetables as well as lean meats and whole grains are highly nutritious but if you do not have the time to prepare fresh foods on a daily basis it is a good idea to purchase a deep freeze and utilize frozen foods. You may think that frozen foods are unhealthy, but remember that the “quicker the better” does not mean unhealthy.

The frozen food section of your supermarket is packed with nutrition positive foods and there are always the awful tasting and fatty foods that are pitfalls. You just need to read labels and be somewhat choosy. You can buy foods such as vegetables and some fruits year round. They are flash frozen right in the fields or very close by, the freshness is preserved and the foods are still filled with nutritional benefits. If you thaw out frozen foods and lightly stem the vegetables you will have healthy additives to your meal. Do avoid boiling vegetables to death, since this takes away all the nutrients and you will be better off drinking the water used for boiling fruits and vegetables.

Frozen dinners and freezer foods do get bad reputations and at times the taste can be awful and “freezer burned,” but new technologies in frozen foods are being produced these foods do have high nutrition values. However if you purchase a low calorie dinner you might find that there is not enough food for your body type. If that is the case add brown rice and more vegetables to the entree. Saturated fats and high fats are common in frozen meals and it good a good practice to read the label to make sure that you are not eating fat additives. These lead to weight gain and health issues. Watch for the sodium content in frozen foods. Frozen food manufacturers tend to add high salt contents to frozen dinners to make them tasty.

If you freeze your own meals at home, you will know what you have placed in the ingredients and can be assured that you are serving nutritious meals to your family. It is a great time saver to make more in a batch, freeze the extras and have something to serve at a later date. Freezing itself does not harm foods or take away the nutrients; it is how you freeze your foods or what you buy that makes the difference.


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