Gift Guide 2009

Gift Guide 2009

It is that time of year when we turn our attention to the holiday season and the end of another year. Last year HealthStatus put together a New Year Resolution Guide of products aimed at helping you keep your healthy New Year Resolutions. 

How did you do on meeting your health goals for 2009? 

This year we decided to put a jump start on next year and provide you with some new health products that you may want to give as gifts or request for yourself, so that 2010 can be the year that you are a healthier and happier you!

Gifts under $25.00

SuperReflective POPBANDS.  It is a great way to give the gift of both Safety and Fun.  Snap … Tap … Wrap! vedante™ Super Reflective arm/leg bands for 360 degree visibility in low light conditions. Use for: biking, walking, jogging, and dog walking, in night clubs or just for fun. We recommend wearing at least 2-4 Pop Bands to create 360 degree visibility. Can be worn on arms, ankles, wrists, bike handles, baby carriages, back packs … and more. Prices start at $13.98 for a pair and can be purchased at or learn more at

Journals for Positive Change as healthy, loving holiday gifts. These are “guided journals” where users respond to pre-formatted prompts that help them get startedand stay focused on practicing positive lifestyle habits.  Three titles are available: Journal for a Healthy Lifestyle;  Journal for Emotional Balance; Journal for a Spiritual Connection Each journal features a detailed introduction with lots of tips and strategies to try, 90 two-page entries, on-going assessment and cool, inspirational quotes. These products are brand new and totally unique!  They are affordable and very effective tools for people interested in self-improvement and personal growth.  A single journal is $17.99; buy two or more for $15.99 each. Learn more or order at

QuickflipCooking Guides Quickflip to Delicious Dinners and Veggie Quickflip.  

The award-winning Quickflips give the gift of time and of health. With their unique format and colorful design, they simplify cooking and make it easy for busy people to eat healthy, flavorful meals. The award-winning Quickflip to Delicious Dinners is not an ordinary cookbook. Its unique format shows how 10 basic recipes are all you need to make 50 or more delicious dinners. Typical dinner recipes (pizza, pasta, stir-fry, soups, chicken/fish/soy etc.) can be transformed into 5 different international variations very easily – simply by changing a few ingredients. The quick, easy recipes incorporate healthful vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean proteins, and spices. The Quick flip’s simplified approach and recipe format teach people how to cook. The pantry list and color-coded ingredient list for each recipe show how to save time in the kitchen and when grocery shopping. The built-in counter top easel makes it easy to use, and colorful photos inspire more home-cooked meals. Nutrition information is included. Cost is $14.95 to $24.95 and they are available at

Return To BeautyOld-World Wisdom and Recipes for Great Skin. Easy-to-follow recipes for whipping up moisturizers, scrubs, masks, and more—with fresh, natural ingredients found in your own kitchen, or any grocery store! Each recipe is accompanied by explanations of the cleansing or healing qualities of each ingredient, and simple instructions for cooking and storing the final product. Accompanied throughout by lush, full-color photographs, RETURN TO BEAUTY is a must-have guidebook that will help women everywhere find safe, effective, and inexpensive ways to return to the gorgeous, natural beauty that lies within each of them. Available November 10, 2009 at for $16.50

SwiggiesWrist Water Bottles That Keep Your Hands Free While Exercising!Swiggies was invented as an alternative to fanny packs and having to carry water bottles while exercising. This new hands-free approach is simple and easy to use. You just fill them up with water and go! They also make a great unique gift for anyone on your shopping list. They are BPA-free, FAD approved and approved by Child Safe International as a safe, “green” product. They were also a NASDAQ product of the year semi finalist. Prices start at $12.95 and are available at

Bounce Back Fast! Post Natal Core Conditioning DVD is an economical and convenient way for new moms to get back into shape and makes a great gift for new mothers everywhere. This DVD was designed by a prenatal and postpartum fitness expert, author, and ACE certified personal trainer. This program systematically rebuilds the abdominal wall from the inside out, closes abdominal separation, develops functional core stability, and realigns the spine. Check it out a, click on store tab. Cost is $21.95.


The Veggie Queen™: Vegetables Get the Royal Treatment Cookbookand a pressure cooking DVD (Great gift), Pressure Cooking: A Fresh Look, Delicious Dishes in Minutes. The DVD costs $24.95 (available at and helps people learn a new way of cooking that makes healthy cooking delicious and fast.

Family Fit by Dr. John Mayer Dr Mayer a clinical psychologist was an over-weight child and has become an advocate to help fight childhood obesity.  Within the pages of “Family Fit” Dr Mayer speaks to us directly about how to combat this growing epidemic that is taking control of our children’s lives.  He teaches us how to live a healthier lifestyle while at the same time creating a happier family. Dr Mayer’s credentials can be found  and the book can be purchased at for $13.22.


Eat Cleaner Wash and Dryer Kit –Eat Cleaner is a revolutionary all natural wash that rids foods of harmful pesticides, wax and bacteria. It is odorless, colorless, and tasteless and has the added benefit of keeping fruits and vegetables from browning. This kit includes 4 oz of Eat Cleaner concentrate, a produce scrub brush, and a salad spinner. Available at for $22.00 free shipping.

Reduce Your Stress Month by Month Stress Reducing Strategies by Diana Fletcher – Stress is wearing you out and wearing you down. If you do not start to reduce your stress you are making a choice that will influence the rest of your life. Your health will suffer and thereby affect everything else. The good news is that you can reduce your stress in a manageable way! This is a great gift book for $9.99 for friends, teachers, moms, hostesses….
It is available on and at

Road ID, the company that makes ID gear for athletes. For people starting a new fitness program, Road ID provides an easy way to carry identification and emergency-contact information while walking, running or cycling. You can choose from wristbands, shoe pouches, ankle straps and other styles. You may have seen Road ID wristbands on runners and cyclists. Pro cyclist Levi Leipheimer wore them while racing during the Tour de France. Road ID products are available at Prices start around $20.

Age Erasers for Women This book was compiled by the editors of Women’s Health and presents the most cutting-edge science as a guide to staying younger longer.  From fitness to diet to beauty, inside you’ll find tips from some of the country’s best doctors, dermatologists, personal trainers, nutritionists and more.  Moms can learn how to wage the war against time and win! Age Erasers for Women is available exclusively at for $24.99


M-TRAIN, an innovative new application designed to give the user the freedom to work out with a personal trainer anywhere and at anytime. M-TRAIN provides all of the benefits of a professional fitness trainer without the expensive monthly gym membership or personal training fees.   The app. offers pre-designed workouts or the user can combine exercises to create their own workout.  No matter who you are, regardless of your fitness level, age or gender, M-TRAIN offers everyone a satisfying and results-oriented workout just as you would achieve from an in-person session with one of the M-TRAIN trainers. M-TRAIN is now available for $1.99 on the iTunes App Store by searching “M-TRAIN” at   For more information about M-TRAIN, please visit Tutorial link:


Sleep Pretty In Pink (for her) and HEAROS Xtreme (for him) premium earplugs.  Be it a snoring partner, street construction or restfulness, sometimes getting a good night’s sleep is nearly impossible. Take control of the situation and regain those precious hours of sleep with the softest, most comfortable option out there, HEAROS/Sleep Pretty In Pink earplugs reduce noise by 32 decibels, providing relief from any distraction that may cause a person to lose sleep at night.  Available at Wal-Mart, Target, drug stores, and online for less than $10, these premium ear plugs are a great stocking stuffer for those wishing to get a full night’s sleep.    

Project Earth H2O Reusable Water Bottles that are BPA-free and made of stainless steel. The company ( was founded with the goal of eliminating single-use water bottles (many of which have been linked to a toxic, potential cancer-causing chemical called BPA). The bottles, which hold 27 ounces, come in four colors; blue (Ocean), silver (Air), green (Earth) and now pink (Get Pink). They are sold online for $17.99 — that includes free S&H and a sport cap.

Comfort Living – A Back-to-Basics Guide to a More Balanced Lifestyle($19.95).  Comfort Living is an 8-week journey that shows that ‘the good life’ does not have to be complicated, overwhelming or expensive.  With exercises, toolboxes, examples, photographs and a new set of terms for talking about how we live, Comfort Living brings quality of life within easy reach.  Balanced living happens when physical surroundings reflect the priorities of each individual, and little things soften the hard edges that are a part of modern day life.  Some of the recommendations in the book are open windows for fresh breezes, light-timers set to turn the lights on before coming home after a chaotic day, two place settings for dinner set before leaving for work, and some flowers set out for all to enjoy. For more information go to

The Mobile Meditator is the easy solution for yoga or meditation on the go! Lightweight, comfortable, and inflatable, now there’s a new way to get peace of mind without lugging your yoga mat everywhere you go. It’s the first fully inflatable cushion on the market designed for comfort and relaxation during meditation and quiet reflection. Great for daily use, meditation, backpacking, camping, the beach, airplanes and more. Sit in comfort anywhere. Go to for $24.95


Making Weight Control Second Nature: Living Thin Naturally authored by registered and licensed dietitian and certified diabetes educator Susan Burke March, M.S. debunks the myth that some people are simply “naturally thin” and can eat and lounge with abandon. In this first-of-its-kind book, Susan reveals that people who maintain a healthy weight aren’t “different” from the average overweight American, but instead, they are “deliberately thin,” that weight control results from making everyday choices with intention, and that, by taking similar steps, readers can also make “living thin naturally” a part of their daily lifestyle. Through more than 20 different anecdotes from healthy weight maintainers, including registered dietitians, the book also uncovers the similar behaviors that make permanent weight control possible. This book is chock full of practical information, tips and strategies for people who are serious about taking control of their health, fad-free, for life. Available at for around $24.00

*This book looks at the everyday things that thin people do and outlines those habits for those of us who struggle with our weight. It is all about choices, not genes, so lose the idea that you can’t be thin, you can. The author shares her personal journey with weight loss, openly discusses how she used to turn to food for comfort and how she succeeded in getting thin and staying that way. My favorite chapter was Chapter 9. In this chapter she provides you with information to go into any type of restaurant and order a meal that is healthy. (HealthStatus Staffer)

Beauty Magnets – A Natural Face Lift with Magnet Therapy a unique system of relaxation, revitalization and renewal. Easy to apply magnets, hypo-allergenic, reusable and comfortable. Prices start around $15.00 and go up from there. To purchase or learn more go to

Beer Belly Blues: What Every Aging Man and the Women in his Life Need to Know by Brad J. King is a laugh out loud read as it follows fictional character Fred from the time he receives his invitation to his 25th high school reunion (which forces him to take a long, hard, painful look in the mirror and realizes what a mess he has become) to walking into the reunion 12 weeks later, the guy everyone remembered from high school: fit, strong and healthy Fred! Besides being a highly entertaining read, Beer Belly Blues is full of life changing information as it is backed with over 200 scientific references.  For more on Beer Belly Blues or to purchase a copy, please visit: Cost is $22.00

*Finally, a book about MEN, their health, their unique issues. This book is so funny you just want to keep reading to find out what happens to Fred at his 25th High School Reunion. But this is not a book that just pokes fun at the changes of middle age, it explores the issues men face from belly fat, loss of muscle, decreased libido, frequent trips to the bathroom, hair loss, high blood pressure and how these things are related to a decrease in testosterone. But wait, it gets better, it provides you with safe natural ways to increase testosterone and get back the vitality of your youth. This is a must read if you are man concerned about how you are aging. (HealthStatus Staffer)


Quick & Healthy Volume II: More help for people who say they don’t have time to cook healthy meals, 2nd Edition  by Brenda J. Ponichtera, RD Designed for busy people with lots of good intentions and little time to cook, Volume II offers over 200 delicious quick-to-prepare, low-fat recipes and lots of tips to make healthy eating easier than ever. To help save time, included are ten weeks of easy dinner menus, each with a grocery list AND over 100 menus listed by category.  $18.95 available online and in local bookstores. For more information go to:

“PERFECT BREATHING: Transform Your Life One Breath at a Time”  by Al Lee and Don Campbell This book is a fresh take on the power of mindful breathing and how to use it in everyday life. This book also has companion pieces, the accompanying workbook (“Perfect Breathing: A 28-Day Transformation to Better Living”) and our “Perfect Breathing Guided Relaxation CD” – all can be seen at   Far from being some woo-woo tome on meditation, for “Perfect Breathing” we’ve researched not only the ancient anecdotal evidence but the mountain of scientific data on the power of the breath and how it reaches across all four dimensions of life – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This book is available at the before mentioned web site and at for around $14.00.

The Beauty Prescription: The Complete Formula for Looking and Feeling Beautiful by Debra Luftman, MD and Eva Ritvo, MD. This is a self help beauty guide for women of all ages. The book offers “beauty pearls” tips from experts including hair styles, makeup artists, and beauty editors from fashion and beauty magazine. The message of this book: you have what you need to be the most beautiful you’ve ever been. Check out more at or order online at for around $16.50.

Seed Power Body Care – premiere products (lotions, hair soap and body soap) offering the numerous benefits of grape seeds. In addition to offering Vitamin E, antioxidants, and Essential Fatty Acids to your skin (and your body!), our products are a great value that you can use in your daily regimen! Our products are 100% Natural, and integrate a commitment to sustainability – for example, our products reduce their footprints by being made in the USA, with domestically made packaging, and most of our line has biodegradable packaging – all of our line has recyclable packaging. Feels good all around! Check out more information at Products are available at select Whole Foods and online at for around $20.00

Handmade Shea Butter Moisturizers by  Neroli Rose, a new skincare company that has a fresh outlook on what has become an extremely polluted industry. Their line of 100% all natural Shea butter moisturizers fused with essential oils are made by hand and contain only the finest organic and wild-crafted ingredients available. All of their products are based off of an exclusive brand of Sudanese Shea butter handmade in Africa the same way it has been made for centuries. Just in time for the holidays, Neroli Rose is offering a holiday gift set containing three of their most popular products; the crisp hand cream, peppermint foot cream and coconut exfoliating soap for under $35.00, making an ideal and affordable gift for everyone on your list. They also offer GREEN products which start out at as low as $6.99, so these gifts can even be great for Secret Santa presents or stocking stuffers! Check it out at

Fit Travel Workout DVD by NikkiFitness- Travel and Tone in no Time. Fitness DVD Created Around the World for Business and Leisure Travelers to Work Out in their Room The Fit Travel Workout DVD, a no-equipment workout for fitness on the road, has taken the excuses and the trouble out of working out while on business or vacation. In addition, multitasking intervals combine to trim and tone in half the time, while boosting the metabolism after the sweat disappears. In just 30 minutes and without any equipment, business travelers can put the DVD in their laptop and lace up their sneakers right in their hotel room. Available at and for around $20

Therapeutic Massage at Home-Learn to Rub People the RIGHT Way! By Healing Circle Massage – an instructional massage DVD. It teaches couples and friends to do massage for home health. It shows anatomy, suggested hand positions, areas to avoid, a full back and neck massage that you follow along with plus beautiful original music, massage terminology and health and wellness terms. It’s great for the beginner who has always wanted to learn massage or for someone that wants to hone their skills and save their thumbs.  The DVD retails for $24.99 and is available at

PortaPocket offers a handy, comfortable way to safely carry small valuables & other items of personal importance without risk of theft, loss or inconvenience. It’s really a whole system, consisting of a lightweight, streamlined neoprene band and detachable pocket, available in various sizes. Can be worn either under or over the clothing. The band is designed for use on the calf, thigh, ankle, arm or waist; detachable pockets make it very user friendly and allow 2-hand functionality. Interchangeable pockets fit items of various size: ID, $, business & credit cards, lipstick, tampons, keys, hygiene items, cell phones, gym passes, passports, iPods, pedometers, small cameras, and even vital medical devices like inhalers, insulin pumps & EpiPens for people with life-threatening allergies.For more information or to purchase go to prices range from $19.95 to $24.95.

IsoBreathing is here to help the individual wanting to start a Healthy Realistic Fitness program. IsoBreathing is a combination of isometric exercises and stretches along with slow deep rhythmic breathing. IsoBreathing has been called the “Kindergarten” of exercise that is perfect for the morbidly obese individual, those with physical limitations and senior citizens. “If you can Breathe and you can Sit, IsoBreathing will get you Fit”. Books, CD’s & DVD’s with prices ranging from $2.95 to $74.95 go to

Creating Optimal Health & Well Being Relaxation CD. This guided imagery CD is designed to release unhealthy coping mechanisms such as overeating, smoking, drinking and drugs. Available at prices range from $9.99 to $16.99

Grill Charms™. These dime-sized solid stainless steel charms are placed in your food BEFORE grilling to distinguish spices and flavors, steak temperatures, and most importantly to avoid health or allergy issues. There are various collections for different purposes, but the most helpful when it comes to health issues are The Charmed Life Collection and The Pink Collection.  These collections each have six different charms so food can be personalized prior to grilling to help avoid health or allergy concerns. Available at sets of six are priced at $19.95

Jungle Balm™ Pure cullilawan essential oil supports the relief of arthritis, headaches, muscle aches, sprains, strains, insect bites, jelly fish stings, fibromyalgia, toothaches, and, well, anything that hurts, really. Most people experience a reduction in pain within 30 seconds of applying Jungle Balm™. It dries non-greasy so you can throw your clothes on over it and forget you were ever hurting in the first place. Jungle Balm doesn’t tingle or numb–it just helps you feel like yourself again. Available at priced at $14.99 – $32.95.

Spenco® Earthbound™ is a new replacement insole made from 55 percent recycled and renewable materials. The insoles are designed for active people who need firm support, motion control and cushioning in a more environmentally sustainable foot bed. They are best used for activities like hiking, walking, running, tennis and other sports where shock absorption along with arch and heel support is needed. Available at Champs, FootLocker, and Gander Mountain or online at for around $19.95.

To-Go Ware stainless steel food carriers (tiffins) also make eating on the go a healthier, hip, convenient choice. BPA-free, non-leaching, durable and lightweight container, they are easy to carry and clean. Great for both cold and hot foods. The self-latching top container lets you use it solo or as a full system! Each tiffin comes with a small sidekick inside for toting dressings or sauces. Multiple units keep foods separate until ready to eat, perfect for picky eaters. To-Go Ware tiffins come in three styles, 2 tier, 3 tiers or Classic. Retails for $22.95-$24.95.  To-Go Ware’s RePEaT utensils and utensil holders are a healthy, non-toxic, environmentally-friendly alternative for life on-the-go, to be used year after year. The utensils are made of sustainable, durable and non-toxic bamboo. Retails for $11.95.

Healthy Highways: The Traveler’s Guide to Healthy Eating. Anyone interested in finding fast or slow vegetarian/healthy places to eat should take a look at the new edition of “Healthy Highways: The Traveler’s Guide to Healthy Eating.” It has 2800 listings throughout the US complete with local driving directions. Owners also get free online updates. For more visit The book is available at for around $15.00

THE INTELLECTUAL DEVOTIONAL: HEALTH (October 2009) is the fourth installment in the New York Times best-selling series by David S. Kidder, Noah D. Oppenheim and Bruce K. Young, MD.This daily devotional will renew the mind and provide readers with health and medicalinformation for 365-days for a healthier you. Seven vital categories include:“Drugs & Alternative Treatments,” “The Mind,” ” Sexuality & Reproduction,” “Children & Adolescents,” “Diseases & Ailments,” “Lifestyle & Preventative Medicine,” and “Medical Milestones.www.theintellectualdevotional.comGo to to purchase for $16.32.

The Seven Wishes Bracelet by Annatarian Designs.  The Seven Wishes™ Bracelet is an interactive, eco-friendly, hip and an easy way to help you focus on resolutions, intentions, goals and wishes.  The package (which is also eco-friendly) has a place to write your resolutions and folds up so that you can carry them with you wherever you go.  You can order a bracelet or watch a video about the bracelet by going here: Prices start at $19.00


“Get Ready for Pilates” Program includes an easy to read downloadable E-Book – complete with full descriptions, illustrations, photos, variations and more, full length DVD of all the exercises with modifications so that everyone can do them, plus, an mp3 Download of my 4 Favorite Guided Relaxation Sessions – the best stress buster there is!  Frugally Priced at $39.97, this bundle is available at only.  This package makes a great Holiday gift and keeps giving all year long with support for those New Year’s Resolutions.

Flip & Tumble Reusable Shopping Bag – These reusable shopping bags roll into a ball about the size of a peach and hold the contents of 2 plastic grocery sacks. Costs are between $7.00 and $9.00 order and learn more at

“Does This Cookbook Make Me Look Fat?  Healthy Recipes Even HE Will Eat!” by Rona Lewis This cookbook will provide you with healthy, flavorful, easy recipes that also include information on the vitamins and minerals in each recipe, calories, dietary fiber, cholesterol and sodium for each recipe. Check out the recipe samples or order at for $19.95.

“34 Instant Stress-Busters, Quick tips to de-stress fast with no extra time or money” by Alia Accad. Alia Accad is an RN who taught stress-management for 25 years before having a stress crisis that changed her thinking and her life. Here is a practical, effective, economical health gift for anyone who is stressed on your list. Available at for $12.95

POMEGA5 Trial Gift Kit – Pomega5 is a revolutionary system of pure, luxurious skin recipes based on biodynamic botanicals and rare Omega 5 oil extracted from pomegranate seeds. Using the purest, freshest bioactive ingredients derived wholly from nature, each Pomega5 product has been carefully formulated to reflect a balanced combination of essential fatty acids, botanical extracts and essential oils – completely without the use of any parabens, petrochemicals, or synthetics. This kit includes an elegant, red organza bag filled with trial size versions of Pomega5’s classic Cleansing Bar, Revitalizing Treatment for Skin, Green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer, and best-selling Healing Cream for $12.50. To order go to

Lose the Diet – Transform your body by connecting with your soul by Kathy Balland.  This book provides some great information on self esteem, stress management, curbing cravings and emotional eating, fitness and much more. You can go to and purchase with money back guarantee or order from priced around $15.00.

“Talk To Me Like I’m Someone You Love”: Relationship Repair in a Flash – Flash Cards – by Nancy Dreyfus, Psy.D.  This set of over 100 right-from-the-heart messages was developed for defensive partners to “flash” to each other in the midst of conflict to interrupt a familiar dance and bring both of you into friendlier contact, flash Cards to improve your relationships. You can preorder (available 12/24/09) at For examples go to



“Your Present: A Half-Hour of Peace,”by nationally recognized stress-relief author / expert, Susie Mantell. Stressed-Out Dads, Maxed-Out Moms, Sleepless Students, and Weary Workers everywhere …   love this incredibly healthy, exquisitely packaged relaxation CDthat instantly carries listeners into the soothing relaxation and comfort of a spa vacation …for just $14.95!  Go to If you order 5 CD’s online you get a 6th CD free.

Guided Relaxation Recordings for download at:
Do you need to relax more completely? There are currently 4 audio downloads available: General Guided Relaxation, or one specifically for Nurses, Teachers, or Caregivers. They are all $13.95, plus tax. There is also a free download available: Guided Relaxation for Taxpayers, which is a short 10-minute taste of relaxation.

Age Gets Better with Wine: New Science of a Healthier, Better, and Longer Life by Dr. Richard Baxter explores how we age and why a glass of wine with meals may just be what the doctor orders. Intent on helping his clients combat aging in addition to helping them look their best, Baxter has reviewed over 2500 scientific studies to find the most reliable data. Dr. Baxter reveals the most current findings in phenolic research and the benefits of moderate consumption of red wine. Available at hardcover $20.99, paperback is $13.57.

Hyp-Yoga Audio Class CDsHyp-Yoga is the next generation of mind-body wellness programs, and combines the proven benefits of yoga and hypnosis to help align the mind with the body and its behaviors. Help your loved ones live better with an at-home program that works!! For stress reduction, weight loss, quitting smoking, etc, Hyp-Yoga opens up the body and calms the mind with expansive, full-body poses and deep breathwork, making the gentle hypnosis (on topic of choice) that follows incredibly effective. When practitioners of Hyp-Yoga learn how to open up their subconscious mind to helpful and beneficial suggestions, there is unlimited potential for positive improvement and behavioral changes. To Learn more or to purchase go to CDs start at $14.99.

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HealthStatus has been operating since 1998 providing the best interactive health tools on the Internet, millions of visitors have used our blood alcohol, body fat and calories burned calculators.

The HealthStatus editorial team has continued that commitment to excellence by providing our visitors with easy to understand high quality health content for many years.

Our team of health professionals, and researchers use peer reviewed studies as source elements in our articles.

Our high quality content has been featured in a number of leading websites, USA Today, the Chicago Tribune, Live Strong, GQ, and many more.
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HealthStatus has been operating since 1998 providing the best interactive health tools on the Internet, millions of visitors have used our blood alcohol, body fat and calories burned calculators. The HealthStatus editorial team has continued that commitment to excellence by providing our visitors with easy to understand high quality health content for many years. Our team of health professionals, and researchers use peer reviewed studies as source elements in our articles. Our high quality content has been featured in a number of leading websites, USA Today, the Chicago Tribune, Live Strong, GQ, and many more.

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