Going to the Gym for Muscles, not Dates

Going to the gym for the first time can be a little bit intimidating. Not only are you faced with a dizzying array of machines and equipment, but you”re faced with new types of people. Here”s a list of some of the basic types that you might encounter:

– The Grunter — this person is really into the workout. He/she believes that moaning and groaning are calorie-burning activities. Though he/she probably doesn”t know it, the scary sounds being produced probably irritate at least half of the gym.

– The Happy-Go-Lucky — This person illustrates no method to his/her madness. He”ll hop into whatever machine catches his fancy, but because he”s so happy and content, he reaches a plateau on his workout and does not really progress. Instead of shocking his muscles, he babies them. A year ago, he was lifting 75 pounds, today, he”s still at 75 pounds.

– The Copy Cat — this person won”t spend a penny more on a certified trainer. Instead, he/she will pick out someone whose body he admires and imitate a routine. If the other person cross trains, then that”s what he/she”ll do.

and now the worst kind…

– The Socializer — often (but not always) a male, this person”s eyes get the most exercise because he/she is constantly on the lookout for “chicks” or “hunks” that can be hit on or smiled at, in the hopes that there might be some dialogue later. Of course, since this person is so busy socializing, he/she often only works out when someone is watching; which can mean that an extra rep can be missed, or a particular exercise activity completely forgotten.
Now, of course, it”s not a crime to want to find a friend in
the gym; perhaps even hoping that it could lead to a meaningful relationship. Why not? But it”s important to realize that the gym exists to serve your physical body; and sometimes that can be lost in the “window shopping” for potential dates.

Remember: focus on your workout, and improve your health through exercise and good nutrition. And who knows, if you meet Mr. or Mrs. Right along the way, then you”ll have something in common that can anchor your wonderful, long-term relationship: health!


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