Have you looked at your backside lately?

I have recently started bowling in a women’s bowling league, which has turned out to be tons of fun and fellowship.  When bowling you see an awful lot of backsides in all shapes and sizes.  Which got me to thinking about when was the last time I had a critical look at my own backside? Aging and inactivity are the greatest threat to a shapely rear end.

Your backside, posterior, rear end, buttocks, derriere, butt or hiney is made up of muscles, which is great news.  The three muscles are the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus.  Since your backside is made of muscle you should be able with exercise to tone and shape your butt.  You may have accumulated some fat along with muscle, but the fat to muscle ratio can be changed so that you rear end is toned tight and round and looks good in jeans, dress slacks, shorts and even a swimsuit.

Below are outlined 5 exercises to work that rear end and get your muscles toned and your skin smooth.

Kickbacks — Stand feet together, hands on hips, lift one leg behind you keeping your torso upright and your leg straight.  Use slow and steady control.  It is not necessary to use ankle weights.

Hip Thrusts — Lie down on your back, keep your bottom on the floor and bring your knees up keeping your feet flat on the floor shoulder distance apart, place your hands palms down at your sides, now lift your bottom up as high as you can keeping your shoulders and feet on the floor squeezing your bottom muscles.

Squats — Stand with legs shoulder width apart, hands on hips, slowly sink down until your thighs are parallel to the floor and hold for a count of two.  Keep your back flat and your head up.

Lunges — Stand with legs together, hands on hips, take a step forward with the right leg, leave the right foot flat on the floor, bend the back knee toward the floor and bend the right knee, lowering your weight down, raise back up, return to starting position and repeat.    (The foot of your back leg will come up on its toe).  Alternate legs.  You can add weights to your hands if you find this too easy.

Mule Kicks — Get down on the floor on your hands and knees, flat back, head up, feet and knees are together, choose a leg, pull that knee into your chest and then lift your leg straight out behind you in the air, lifting your foot as high as it will go, hold for a count of two, then back toward your chest and repeat.

Let’s don’t live by the “out of sight out of mind” principle when it comes to our backsides.  These simple exercises will not only shape a saggy rear end but can also give shape to someone who has no rear end.


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