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The health and wellness industry has boomed over the last several years. Consumers are much more concerned with their overall health, mental and physical, and are committed to finding new and innovative ways to take care of themselves and practice self care in our daily routines. The trends that evolve in the health industry are complicated and tricky to navigate, so let’s take a look at some professional advice from some top leaders in the industry.  


Metabolic and gut health has gained a lot of focus over the last few years. With so much time at home, more people are paying attention to what they eat and how deeply that affects our overall mood and outlook.  

Steven Zeldes, Founder and CEO AvaCare Medical


Frequent but short exercise is on the rise, also in tandem with pandemic trends over the last couple of years. With our schedules so centered around home, more people need access to easy and quick workouts they can do from their phone, computer or television.  

Hector Gutierrez, CEO JOI


Self-care and mental health is more important than ever in 2021. So many brands and influencers are advertising ways to combat stress, anxiety and depression.  

Bari Medgaus, COO Stabili Teeth


Tele-health is becoming more widely popular amongst young consumers. The convenience and accessibility has made it a practical trend over the last two years, and is likely here to stay. For many, this option is more convenient in the short-term. This allows people to work within their schedules and still receive care such as therapy.  

Michael Jankie, Founder Natural Patch


Watch out for misinformation being spread about medications. One of the draw backs of social media is the ability for individuals to easily spread misinformation quickly amongst their peers. You must remember that influencers are not doctors or scientists, they’re main goal is to advertise. This can be great for products that help people, and terrible for products that are toxic. Make sure you know what you are buying and don’t follow trends without doing research first.  

Alice Zhang, CEO Verge Genomics


Many are thinking about how we can make food more accessible in general. Food insecurity is one of the biggest issues our world faces, and companies in the industry have a responsibility to explore ways we can address this issue as a society.  

Jeff Meeks, VP of Sales and Marketing Energy Fit


It’s become a running joke of the pandemic, but daily walks and walking in nature are more and more popular. Many are using their free time to seek new natural beauty and it does wonders for your mental health to prioritize being outdoors whenever you can.  

Kiran Gollakota, Co-Founder Waltham Clinic


Tracking daily steps and health through smart apps are a rising trend in 2021. This has empowered a lot of people to take fitness into their own hands, something that we can always control no matter what’s going on around us. With smartwatches on the rise, more people are taking advantage of new health features on these devices.  

Nancy Belcher , CEO Winona


There are a lot of companies rethinking child care and how it’s provided. We saw a great burden on parents, particularly mothers, during the pandemic and it has resulted in new programs and systems that take some of the burden off of parents. New formats of digital learning and new child care facilities are showing the need for this to be reconfigured for young parents.  

Mike Clare, CEO Mood Health


True skin care has become more popular in recent years. Many companies are thinking not only how your skin can look better, but how it can be cared for as your body’s first line of defense. It’s important that it stays in healthy condition to work in tandem with the rest of your body systems.  

Harris Rabin, Co-Founded and Chief Commercial Officer R3SET


When following health care trends, always make sure you do as much research as possible on your own to determine the effectiveness of a product. Many supplement companies do not require approval before selling their products, so it’s important to stay on top of what you are buying and potentially putting into your body.  

Robert Chu, CEO Embleema




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HealthStatus teams with authors from organizations to share interesting ideas, products and new health information to our readers.

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