Holiday Travel

Holiday Travel

Chances are if you haven’t just gotten back from a trip you are heading out in the next few weeks to visit family and friends. If you plan to travel by plane here are a few reminders to make your travel easier.

Do bring your patience when heading to the airport.

My favorite trick is to bring my own headphones. I plug my comfortable headphones into the music provided by the airplane and close my eyes and relax. This drowns out those crying babies and almost makes you forget how cramped you are.

Keep your ID handy. You are going to need it multiple times.

Your checked luggage may be opened by security. You can no longer lock it unless you use approved locks that can be opened by airport security with a universal master. You can obtain approved locks at airports and some travel stores. Make sure the locks you purchase are approved by the Transportation Security Administration. If they want to open your luggage and you do not have a lock that can be opened by the universal master they can cut your locks off. Because of this do not pack valuables in your checked luggage, carry them with you.

You will have to remove your shoes, so plan accordingly and no gel inserts.

Checked luggage weighing more than 50 lbs. will be charged extra, so weigh it at home and take two bags if necessary.

All electronics will need to be removed from your carry-on and placed in the trays to go through security clearance.

Snacks can go through the security check point but no drinks allowed. You must purchase beverages on the other side of the security screening.

Prescription medications are allowed in carry-on baggage. But they must be in the original pharmacy container and the name on them must match the name on your boarding pass. Each medicine must be in its own bottle. Place all medications in a clear zip lock quart size bag.

Insulin may be carried on the plane but you must have a copy of your prescription with you.

Inhalers can be carried on but again place them in a clear quart size bag.

Non-prescription items like, ibuprofen or sinus medicine are allowed but take small quantities in original containers. “Gel Caps” are not allowed at all. These types of medicine are considered non-essential and if there is any controversy security can ask you to remove them.

You are only allowed to carry on travel size toiletries 3 oz or less. This includes lotion, shampoo, toothpaste and makeup. Put all items in a clear zip lock quart size bag.

Check out these websites for more information:

For airline travel restrictions go to:

Good luck and Good travel!


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