How A Visit To The Orthodontist Could Save You From Jaw Pain

An orthodontist diagnoses dental and oral problems like misaligned teeth and jaws. After the analysis, the medical expert helps patients solve issues like overbites, underbites, and crossbites. Don’t disregard paying a visit to an orthodontist when you feel discomfort in your mouth. Otherwise, it might lead to the aggravation of specific health issues.


What Can an Orthodontist do?


Orthodontists receive specialized training to help fix misaligned teeth and jaws. Don’t confuse orthodontists with dentists despite their similar fields of study.

While orthodontists help fix misaligned teeth and jaws, dentists encourage patients to practice good oral hygiene while providing services to help diagnose and treat ailments like:

  • Gum disease
  • Tooth decay
  • Teeth stain

If you want to fix your crooked teeth or jaw, look for a trustworthy orthodontist near you.


Can an Orthodontist Help You with Jaw Pain?


Several potential causes of jaw pain exist. These reasons may include tension headaches, vascular pain in the face, and sinus problems. But, the reason may also be as straightforward as a crooked jaw.

A reliable orthodontist may help diagnose and treat in aligning your jaw to a desirable position. The medical expert may also provide suggestions for realigning your jaw. These treatment options may include:


  • Braces

An orthodontist might suggest you get braces to help treat crooked jaws. The braces may also aid in realigning crooked teeth.

The traditional method to attach braces is for the medical professional to use cement brackets and attach them to your teeth. Connecting these brackets is a wire, and you need to wear this orthopedic tool for months or years.

Aside from conventional braces, the orthodontist may also suggest headgear braces. This variant is for patients with jaw alignment too excessive for standard braces to fix.


  • Jaw Surgery

Specific cases may call upon invasive surgery to fix severely misaligned jaws. The operation might be a requirement for victims of accidents wherein the incident skewed their jaws to an awkward position.

The oral surgeon uses items like plates, screws, and wires to help correct jaw alignment. This procedure might be a highly-suggested move if the crooked jaw affects everyday tasks like eating, sleeping, and talking.

Surgery may also be an option to help treat specific conditions like temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome. This health concern is pain felt in the jaw joint, which might come from other ailments. Orthodontists may work with other doctors in various fields to help rectify this condition as TMJ syndrome might be a symptom of another illness.


  • Cosmetic Dentistry

Mild conditions of jaw misalignments might be treatable with cosmetic dentistry. The orthodontist surgeon or a fellow medical practitioner can help reshape the lower teeth to the desired position. Then, the expert applies veneers to the upper teeth to help lock the position in place.

These treatment options depend on the severity of the jaw pain felt by the patient. Severe cases might call upon invasive jaw surgery to treat the misalignment. Otherwise, braces or cosmetic dentistry should suffice for light-duty fixes.


Other Benefits of Seeing an Orthodontist


Aside from treating jaw pain, paying a visit to the orthodontist might promote other benefits. These advantages may include:

  • Reduced Risks of Tooth Damage

Leaving your teeth or jaw crooked might lead to additional health concerns, especially for your mouth and its parts. Misaligned teeth or jaws may cause connected bones to break, chip, or crack. Orthodontic treatment may help realign teeth and jaws to make these areas sturdier than before.


  • Improved Oral Hygiene

It can be challenging to clean misaligned teeth. Food can get stuck in between the gaps of your teeth. Brushing and flossing your teeth might help. But, realigning your teeth with the help of a reliable orthodontist will help save you the trouble of trying to eliminate foodstuff in your teeth during future cleaning sessions.


  • Enhanced Confidence

Crooked teeth or jaws might make specific individuals lose confidence when facing the public. It might even make you embarrassed to smile or laugh. Opt for quality orthodontic treatment to help you regain straight teeth. Flash those straight “pearly whites” in public to help boost your confidence.


When is the Best Time to See an Orthodontist?


There might be no exact “best” time to see an orthodontist as the preferred period to see the medical professional might differ for each person. But, orthodontic treatments are possible for people of different age groups.

For instance, children from the age of 7 might see an orthodontist as this age tends to be the period wherein the first group of permanent incisors and molars surface. Seven years old might also be the ideal age to determine if the child needs orthodontic treatment. Early treatment might help pave the way for a lifetime of beautiful smiles.

Adults may also take advantage of reliable orthodontic services. Also, you might not be too old to seek orthodontic assistance. Many adults know the difficulties of not being able to smile, laugh, or eat properly because of teeth or jaw problems. Choose a trustworthy orthodontist in your area to help realign your teeth and jaws to help enhance your quality of life.

Furthermore, advancements in orthodontic technology may help cater to the oral needs of individuals in different age groups. For example, the dental expert might prescribe special braces like Invisalign to people. These braces are ideal for people who don’t like brackets that are seemingly sticking out of their teeth. This option is virtually unnoticeable as if you’re not wearing braces at all.

Some orthodontists even offer free consultations to patients. So, you can drop by clinics or medical centers without paying anything for the initial appointment. This meeting may also help you decide which treatment option is the best for you.

Many advantages of professional orthodontic treatment await those who seek these services. But, it’s crucial to search for these services quickly to avoid infection and additional pain in the mouth area. Use these professional services now, and you can start enhancing your dental health for the better.



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