How A Visit To The Orthodontist Could Save You From Jaw Pain

How A Visit To The Orthodontist Could Save You From Jaw Pain

An orthodontist diagnoses dental and oral problems like misaligned teeth and jaws. After the analysis, the medical expert helps patients solve issues like overbites, underbites, and crossbites. Don’t disregard paying a visit to an orthodontist when you feel discomfort in your mouth. Otherwise, it might lead to the aggravation of specific health issues.


What Can an Orthodontist do?


Orthodontists receive specialized training to help fix misaligned teeth and jaws. Don’t confuse orthodontists with dentists despite their similar fields of study.

While orthodontists help fix misaligned teeth and jaws, dentists encourage patients to practice good oral hygiene while providing services to help diagnose and treat ailments like:

  • Gum disease
  • Tooth decay
  • Teeth stain

If you want to fix your crooked teeth or jaw, look for a trustworthy orthodontist near you.


Can an Orthodontist Help You with Jaw Pain?


Several potential causes of jaw pain exist. These reasons may include tension headaches, vascular pain in the face, and sinus problems. But, the reason may also be as straightforward as a crooked jaw.

A reliable orthodontist may help diagnose and treat in aligning your jaw to a desirable position. The medical expert may also provide suggestions for realigning your jaw. These treatment options may include:


  • Braces

An orthodontist might suggest you get braces to help treat crooked jaws. The braces may also aid in realigning crooked teeth.

The traditional method to attach braces is for the medical professional to use cement brackets and attach them to your teeth. Connecting these brackets is a wire, and you need to wear this orthopedic tool for months or years.

Aside from conventional braces, the orthodontist may also suggest headgear braces. This variant is for patients with jaw alignment too excessive for standard braces to fix.


  • Jaw Surgery

Specific cases may call upon invasive surgery to fix severely misaligned jaws. The operation might be a requirement for victims of accidents wherein the incident skewed their jaws to an awkward position.

The oral surgeon uses items like plates, screws, and wires to help correct jaw al