How I Use Minecraft to Help Kids With Autism | Stuart Duncan

How I Use Minecraft to Help Kids With Autism | Stuart Duncan

Obstacles are an element in every person’s life. Some obstacles are specific to individuals. Some obstacles are general among a group or population. Some obstacles insinuate themselves chain-like as one masters and overcomes obstacles, another appears. Autistic individuals have obstacles. Some are unique to autism, and others are general based on the age group. Communication is an obstacle in every group whether adult, young adult, or children. The ability to communicate is a learned activity through interaction with parents, play, school, and community events designed to draw people together. A safe environment is one of the boosters of communication. If the individual feels vulnerable to attack and is verbally attacked even through software programs, communication is abruptly mutated and stalled. Fear will prevent the autistic person from wanting to visit that software again because it is not a safe place to interact and browse. The Minecraft program for autistic individuals seeks to provide safety to its users. Reward is a fun goal to work toward when taking on the adventure discovering safe places. Along the way the autistic users of this software are rewarded with respect, compassion, kindness, flowing from them and to them as they use the Minecraft software programs.

Key Points:

  • 1This man created a minecraft server for people with autism so that they would not need to run into bullies and trolls online.
  • 2Playing minecraft began to teach these kids how to read and write, and they began making friends.
  • 3To help these children, or anyone, you must first strip away their fears.


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  1. Alex Booth Reply

    The great thing about Minecraft for anybody on the autistic spectrum in my opinion is that they have somewhere that they have total control over that they can retreat too, like a safe space

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