How To Check The Legitimacy Of Your Medicines

How To Check The Legitimacy Of Your Medicines

Are you sure you are paying for real medicines?

Taking care of your health involves making sure that you are getting the medical assistance you need from health professionals. It primarily includes choosing the right medication for treating ailments. At some point, you may wonder whether what you are ingesting is even safe for you and your family or not. 

Licensed practicing doctors and pharmaceutical testing companies are indeed following laws, regulations, and ethical practices. However, the trade of counterfeit drugs has been going on for decades and some authorities are still battling even today. No matter the laws passed for the safety of the public, fake medicines are still in circulation.


Safeguard Your Health Thru Verification


Seeing so many unnamed individuals falling victim to these websites, fortunately, there are ways to avoid scammers who are just after your money. The following information are steps you can take to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.


For Medicines Already Bought 


  • After buying from a pharmacy, check if there is a seal. Look for cracks and signs of tampering. The pharmacy has no choice but to take it back. Over-the-counter drugs must have a proper tamper-resistant seal approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. It must still be on the bottle or packaging upon purchase of the medicine.


  • Check the packaging. Different kinds of the packaging must safely contain medicines such as glass, metal, and plastic. They must have closures to prevent the contamination of the medication from outside elements. 


  • Read the labeling. The following must be in print on the packaging in compliance with the guidelines set by the World Health Organization (WHO). The labelings must also be in readable