How To Keep Your Finger Nails Healthy

How To Keep Your Finger Nails Healthy

Our nails are one of those parts of our body that we often tend to neglect. Unhealthy and poorly maintained nails reflect badly on our personal hygiene. On the other hand, nails which are well kept and cared for enhance the beauty of our hands.

Moisturize Your Nails Regularly

Nails are made of a protein rich substance called keratin which is also found in our hair and skin. A basic knowledge of our nails can help us to take better care of our cuticles. The surface of the nail is called the nail plate which is surrounded by skin on three sides. The nail bed is the skin which lies underneath the nail and the cuticle is the skin which overlaps the nail at its base. Simple but daily care of our nails and the surrounding skin can help to give them a healthy and attractive look.

Healthy nails have a uniform, pinkish color. They also have slight, uniform vertical ridges and are not brittle. If the nails are whitish, thick and discolored it means that they have some specific problem which needs the advice of a doctor. Often contact of harsh chemicals in soaps and washing detergents spoil nails. If your nails are brittle and discolored, try changing your dish washing liquid or detergent.

An important step to having attractive nails is to moisturize them regularly. Whenever you wash your hands with soap or use some detergent, you must apply a moisturizer or hand lotion and massage your hands and the nails. Massage the corners of your nails and the cuticle.

Often we may find thin layers of skin peeling off near the cuticle or at the sides of the nails. Never peel off such skin completely as that may expose the tender underlying skin. Exposed skin looks ugly and is also prone to infection. Always clip their loose ends. Regular moisturizing can take care of this problem but if it persists you can consult a skin specialist.