How To Shop For Medicine and Healthy Food Whilst Saving Money During The Coronavirus

Coronavirus is a problem experienced by nations all over the world and it has caused the lives of many. By the looks of it, there’s no stopping it anytime soon.

As medical workers and governments all over the world urge people to stay at home, people are making lifestyle changes. To prevent the virus from spreading, it’s advisable that only a few people should be outside. But, what about the need to purchase necessities, such as food and medicine?

Apart from the requirement of staying home, many people have now lost their jobs temporarily. While waiting for help from the government and other individuals, there are those with lower incomes, simply because of lesser people going out to make purchases. Hence, today is also the time to be smarter about one’s budget and to try and save more.

Indeed, when everyone has to stay safe from the Coronavirus, there’s a lot of worry about how to go about doing their food and medicine shopping.  

To help you out, here are some tips to follow:


1. Shop Using Online Vouchers or Codes


Almost everyone’s lifesaver today is online shopping; now, people are shopping online even more than ever. But, let’s get things straight. While many have turned into online shopping advocates, some are still concerned about whether or not it’s safe to receive packages.

Generally, it’s still safe to receive packages. This is because from the time that your item is wrapped from the warehouse, prepared for delivery, then arrives in your house, it’s already too long for the virus to stay within your package, making it safe to receive. Hence, you’re not going to get contaminated by the virus through the package itself.

The only risk that you can get is from the delivery person. So, it’s still recommended that after every time you receive a package, always wash your hands and sanitize. If you want that extra peace of mind, it won’t also hurt to wipe and disinfect the parcel itself.

Now, to the gist. Online shopping is one of the most convenient and best ways to get on top of your groceries today. Plus, the good news is that if you look well enough on the Internet, you’re inevitably going to find a coupon or two from for the items that you’re going to purchase. Plus, there are also many shops today that are offering free delivery or free shipping services.  

The advantage of using online coupons when shopping includes the following:

  • Because you get a discount upon checkout, you can fit more items within your budget. This makes it easier on your pocket for you to buy more of your essentials, as your family needs it.  
  • The total upon checkout will be cheaper than you initially expected. This makes room for more savings, especially during these times when it’s imperative to pinch every penny.


2. Subscribe To Online Shoppers


While this may not exactly be the most considerate thing to do since online shoppers are now forced to go out, there’s merit in this kind of service. The simple equation goes this way:

Kate works as an online shopper. This means that she takes orders for people, shops for them, delivers them, then sends the invoice. Amanda, Lissa, and Christina are mothers all running out of supplies. So, instead of the three of them going out to shop, they subscribe to Kate’s online shopping service instead. Because Kate has been shopping for a living, she certainly knows how to protect herself. Rather than having all of the mothers out, it’s now lowered to just one individual. In a way, it still works best for everyone’s safety.

Other than not having to go out, there are more benefits when you subscribe to online shoppers. One of the best advantages has to do with the fact that your purchases are minimal.  

If you were the one shopping out and about, it’s easier to fill your cart with things you’re not going to need. Now, because you’re asking someone else to do it, with a fixed list at that, you don’t spend more than what’s needed.


3. Give Yourself A Gift Card


If there are no coupon codes or promo codes when you shop and you have to replenish your groceries, there’s still a sneaky way for you to save. Because parties and other social gatherings are prohibited as of the moment, there are many valid gift cards that you can purchase online.  

Choose the gift cards that apply to stores with groceries, or your medicines. Then, select the gift cards that enable you to enjoy a discount.  

Purchase the gift card for yourself. Or, use your husband or partner’s or friend’s name to purchase it for you. That way, you can still have the best of both worlds during this unpleasant time.  

You can enjoy shopping for your necessities without the need to leave your home. Plus, you’ve got a discount to match.


4. Subscribe To Meal Planners


Depending on where you are, your locality might also have a few of those meal delivery services. For a subscription amount, you get a monthly subscription, for instance, to meals three times a day.  

Most of these meal planners also allow you to select your options, whether you’re looking for vegetable meals, fish, or meat. Then, these get delivered to your house, usually in the morning. All you have to do is heat up the meal for lunch and dinner.

For other subscription meal delivery services, they also prepare the ingredients raw, and only in the portion that the recipe calls for. Usually, these are delivered to you weekly. This means you’re only exposed to the delivery person once a week, plus you don’t have to leave your home.

An advantage of signing up for this kind of service is that you’re paying only for what you’ll use; there’s no food wastage. Especially in these days where saving every bit of food and money is very important, this ensures that you don’t waste anything. Plus, most of these subscription services also offer excellent discount deals.  




When stores are closed, and everyone is urged to stay home, don’t be dismayed since there are still many available ways to shop for the necessities.  

While people are placed on a quarantine, all thanks to technology and some other advancements, there are many alternatives to get all your needs. This list shows only a few of those means.  



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