Human Growth Hormone The Controversy

  • It was discovered during Anna Nicole Smith’s autopsy that she had traces of Human Growth Hormone.
  • Australian customs officials recently detained for Sylvester Stallone for attempting to enter Australia with 48 vials of HGH in his luggage.
  • Barry Bonds has had his name linked to Human Growth Hormone usage.
  • The 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta were called “Growth Hormone Games” due to the large number of participants using HGH.

So is Human Growth Hormone safe, is it desirable, why is it illegal in Australia to even have in your possession?

HGH is a complex hormone produced by the pituitary gland.  This hormone stimulates growth and cell production.  HGH levels are high in your body during childhood, peak at puberty and start declining around age 30.  When we are young this hormone increases height, increases muscle mass, helps retain calcium which keeps  bones healthy, reduces fat, helps control sugar and insulin levels, helps with immunity, and enhances metabolism.

Scientists have been synthetically manufacturing HGH since the 1950’s and using it to help children with growth problems.

A 1990 study found injections of HGH reduced fat and boosted lean muscle in men.  Since then a few other clinical studies suggest that symptoms associated with aging may be due to a decline of growth hormone.

The benefits claim to be that by increasing your levels of HGH you will: decrease normal aging, increase energy, increase lean muscle mass, promotes weight loss, improve memory, enhance sex drive, improve mood, improve sleep quality, and decrease negative cholesterol levels.

Side effects are: cardiovascular disease, heart failure, headaches, swelling of the arms and legs, bloating, carpal tunnel syndrome, high blood pressure, behavior changes, painful joints, and stiff muscles.     A link to cancer has not been proved but some feel that growth hormone promotes cell growth and cancer is unbridled cell growth.

There are three ways now available to take HGH; Injections, Oral Sprays, and Natural Supplements.  Injections have been around and are the most potent way for the body to absorb HGH.  Many times you need 2 to 3 shots a day administered by a physician (doctors are never suppose to allow self-administration).  The injections are very expensive ($15,000 for a treatment is not unheard of).  Physicians are only legally allowed to prescribe HGH if the patient has been tested and shows a low level of HGH level.  Blood tests reveal if you have a deficiency.  To use for anti-aging is illegal in the United States at this time.  Most health insurance will not cover the costs.  Oral Sprays have no studies showing them to be able to prove that HGH is even absorbed into the blood stream.  Natural Supplements require no prescription and are similar to vitamins.  Ingredients claim to activate the pituitary which in turn produces more HGH.     You experience no adverse side effects with natural supplements but there are not studies documenting success of this treatment.

A few doctors out there are practicing “interventional endocrinology” and are prescribing injections for patients.  But if the proper blood work isn’t done and if they are prescribing this for its possible anti-aging potential that is currently illegal.

More research needs to be done!  There is a lack of long term studies showing risks and potential rewards.  And lastly it has not been proven that maintaining the HGH levels of a young person is even beneficial.

Your body naturally produces HGH after high intensity strength training.  Growth Hormone is also produced during the later stages of sleep, so don’t short yourself get a full 8 hours.  A body under stress will experience a decline in HGH production, so eliminate stress.


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Low HGH Levels
8. October 2009
Low HGH Levels
8. October 2009
There are different opinions on the usage of HGH and its side effects. I think it is better to use it only if needed and under the supervision of a professional.


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