Hydrogen Peroxide For Practically Anything

Summer is the time of numerous scraped knees and elbows, so it is very likely that your medicine cabinet has sufficient quantity of hydrogen peroxide. Kids do not mind it when you pour it over their wounds because it does not sting, just makes funny foam. Kids are not the only one to benefit from hydrogen peroxide. This perfect cheap cleaner is your best friend in keeping the house clean and bacteria away.

Mouth and teeth

There is absolutely no scientific proof, but many people swear that gargling with hydrogen peroxide prevents canker sores in the mouth. Other people claim to have saved a lot of money by replacing their regular tooth paste with hydrogen peroxide.


Any kitchen surface will benefit from thorough cleaning with hydrogen peroxide, even your old wooden chopping board. Just keep away your nice kitchen cloths, they will get stained. Sanitizing effect of hydrogen peroxide has been certified by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Pesky mold

Cleaning mold with hydrogen peroxide is another use certified by the government, this time Department of Housing and Urban Development. You might try to prove this by cleaning the rubber seal in your fridge door that frequently gets moldy and is a pain to clean.

Clean that salad

Washing produce is often not enough to get it really clean. This is particularly important with organic fruits and vegetables that were fertilized with manure. It is very likely that some bacterial is hanging around. E-coli is the most common culprit for upset stomach, and scientists say that hydrogen peroxide will get rid of it, according to a study published in the Journal of Food and Science.

Cheap kitchen soap

Add about two ounces of hydrogen peroxide to your liquid soap to give it super powers. It will not only wash, but sanitize as well.

Detoxify and relax

If you are into alternative therapies, you might have heard about the detoxifying and relaxing power of hydrogen peroxide mixed with your bath water. Does it work? Well, nice warm bath is detoxifying and relaxing on its own, hydrogen peroxide can”t do any harm. It also might make cleaning your bath much easier.

Kill garden pests

You can kill bigger bugs than bacteria with hydrogen peroxide, but you need higher percentage solution. For most uses, 3 percents is the safest. For garden bugs, you need 10 percent solution. You can get it from feed stores, or you can get 30 percents and dilute it. Be very careful with this high percentage, it can easily burn your skin.

Keep the Salad for tomorrow

This is one use everyone loves: if you mixed too much green salad but did not put dressing into it, you can keep it for tomorrow by spraying it with a mix of half cup of water and one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide. Drain the salad, cover it and put it into the fridge. It will be fresh as new day later.

Cleanse your system

Using hydrogen peroxide to detoxify body on the inside by ingesting it or even take it intravenously to cure cancer or heal diseases is highly controversial, but not without logic: our own cells produce hydrogen peroxide in response to bacterial attack. Since hydrogen peroxide is highly toxic in most concentration, consult your doctor before checking out some experimental hydrogen peroxide treatment.


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26. November 2017
26. November 2017
Myrna, half a cup at what percent do you use and have you tried more? I so need that!! I sweat stain anything white very easy and i hardly sweat no days. Thank you!!

12. July 2017
12. July 2017
Half a cup in my washing machine, and a 30 minute to one hour pre-wash soak keeps my whites white , without clorox. Even whitens my husbands white under-arm stained undershirts in a few washes!


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