Hypochondria – Imaginary Disease

What do most of us do when something aches, hurts or itches? We go on the internet to find out what is it and how to fix it. While it can be a simple insect bite, we might find on the internet information on anything from flesh-eating disease to lupus or cholera. So which one is it? The easy access to a huge amount of information is making many people into hypochondriacs.

What is a hypochondria?

Dictionaries define hypochondria as an “intense preoccupation with the physical body and health.” People suffering from hypochondria are completely sure that they are seriously ill, even after doctors do all sorts of tests to prove to them that they are not. We have all met people who are endlessly talking about various ailments they suffer from and who are looking for our sympathy and understanding.

While it is annoying to listen to hypochondriacs talking about their imaginary problems, for them the problem is real and they are suffering. To avoid falling into a trap of seeing problems where they do not exist, it is important to recognize the symptoms.

You are a hypochondriac if:

1. ” ¦ you start developing symptoms of any disease you hear about on TV or read about n the internet;

2″ ¦.you insist telling to all your friends that you are seriously ill and they do not take you seriously or laugh at you;

3″ ¦.you panic every time your muscle twitches or your head aches and call your doctor for an appointment;

4″ ¦if you know more about various diseases you think you are suffering from than your doctor;

5″ ¦if your doctor’s receptionist starts rolling her eyes when she sees you again, for the third time in a month;

6″ ¦you are always looking for third, fourth or fifth opinion because you are not satisfied with your doctor”s diagnosis.

In some people, hypochondria can become all-consuming, debilitating condition, causing endless anxiety and stress. It needs to be treated, or it can become a real disease. If your doctors all tell you that you are healthy, in spite you being convinced that you are seriously ill, you might have to accept that you suffer from hypochondria and that you need help. Look for a medical practitioner who has experience in treating hypochondria and who will help you with appropriate medication, such as antidepressants or some other kind of therapy such as Cognitive behavioral therapy or psychotherapy.


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June Celliers
18. January 2016
June Celliers
18. January 2016
Hypochondria is a really frustrating condition in that the patient has a different "disease" everyday. But, the frightening thing is eventually it becomes very real and the patient does become ill. People have no patience when dealing with the one with the condition, it is an ,Oh no not again reaction when the phone goes and the voice on the other end informs you that they have now become blind. I feel guilty because i have been unable to help my friend because while i think she has this awful condition I am not a doctor and the fact that she has seen every doctor under the sun and nothing wrong has been found in her physical condition, she is now very ill and I think dying, could there be something that has been missed even though she has had from a colonoscopy to a M R I scan?


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